Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Hot Water from the Hose is Unlike Al Hameem

It is the month of July again. Where the summer heat in the Middle East is soaring. Not to the fullest peak but already reaching 50 Celcius in the noon.

I am still steadfast in taking care of my plants. The challenges are high really. I must say many of the "softer" plants have wilt or burnt or died mercilessly.

When I water them in the morning, even before seven, the water from the hose is hot. Even when i water them later in the day, the water from the hose is hot. At night when the sun is shining on on the other part of the world, the water from the hose remains hot.

The conclusion is the plants are all the time enduring hot water.

Some die but many remain very much alive (at least that's what I hope for my small garden.)

Can you imagine being forced to take hot water all the time?

At least the plants are in my jannah - my garden.

Those in hell will be forced to take hot boiling water. And hell is no garden

Al Waqia 56: 51-56

Then moreover, verily, you the erring-ones, the deniers (of Resurrection)! "You verily will eat of the trees of Zaqqûm. "Then you will fill your bellies therewith, "And drink boiling water on top of it. "And you will drink (that) like thirsty camels!". That will be their entertainment on the Day of Recompense!

The arabic word to watch for is Al Hameem - EXTREMELY HOT WATER

Muhammad 47: 15

(Are these) like those who shall dwell for ever in the Fire, and be given, to drink, boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels?

Al Kahf 18: 29

And if they ask for help (relief, water) they will be granted water like boiling oil, that will scald their faces. Terrible is the drink, and an evil Murtafaq (dwelling, resting place)!

Ibrahim 14: 16-17

In front of him (every obstinate, arrogant dictator) is Hell, and he will be made to drink boiling, festering water. He will sip it unwillingly, and he will find a great difficulty to swallow it down his throat[], and death will come to him from every side, yet he will not die and in front of him, will be a great torment.

As Sad 38: 57

This is so! Then let them taste it, a boiling fluid and dirty wound discharges.

And then there is Al Ghassaq which is boiling fluid and dirty wound discharges . The festering pus that oozes out of the skin pf people of hell. the juice of the people of hell.

As Sad 38: 57
This is so! Then let them taste it, a boiling fluid and dirty wound discharges.

The hot water from the water hose is unlike Al Hameem.

May Allah protect us from Hell fire.

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