Thursday, July 07, 2011

When the Lights Went Out

As you know it is summer in middle east and it is hot. Reaching 50C in the mid afternoon. Thus you can imagine that we need the air condition all the time. All houses have air condition in every room except the toilet. And as expected the summer electricity bills shoot up. (water bills also because I had to use more water for the plants).

In this not so new house now we are even more dependent on the electricity. The landlord provided us with electric ceramic top cooker (tak suka!!!!)

qtarSomehow the electricity provider has been doing a bit of hiccups in this sweltering hot season and have cut off electricity too many a time. This is not something normal and it has left us in the hot just a bit too frequent.

Normally, which is really really rare like once in three years, when there is a need of maintenance work or upgrading, they would notify us beforehand. But these past few weeks we have been experiencing black out surprises, not to our liking.

It was just a few days ago we had one at 8 in the morning. I rushed the kids to take their shower because without electricity the water pump is stalled thus leaving us without water very soon.

Then I cannot cook because we use electric cooker. (hooray for great excuses!)

No air condition. Alhamdulillah we could stand it for a while. The house was cooling.

Then no internet. That's like almost no life for me.

Not to mention my computer is acting up nowadays perhaps due to frequent sudden shut down.

Upon enquiring, they said its due to cable failures. Might take 5 hours to repair.

I decided to wait for sometime. Just in case you know. Come Dzuhur, we are already hot and we need food and things to do other than the reading and congkak game we were playing, I decided to go out.

The thing is, my car is parked within the compound of my house (Alhamdulillah). Under the shade. Alhamdulillah. Sealed by a roller shutter that I can use remote control on. Alhamdulillah. So Insya Allah tak adalah kisah-kisah macam ni lagi. READ HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know already, roller shutter that uses remote control, uses electricity for it to roll up and down.

So when the lights went out, lollies got stuck in the house.

But naaahhhh, I called the cab instead.


IKHWANI said...

it takes loads of motivation to turn the seemingly negative situation into a positive one...but you did! yayyy for the cab! (kat malaysia yang 30 plus degree pun panas - melekit lak tu)

zan said...

u tau tak setiap kali i rasa nak komplen pasal hot weather kat sini n i hv to drive out n pick up the kids, i tak jadi komplen bila teringat kat u hehehe...

usually we go out lepaking at the mall when this incident happened at our hse..btw, they fixed it in 5 hrs??

Lollies said...

OO - tee he he. after the stint at the old house, this is still a blessing in comparison. Lagipun hal kecik aje.

zan -i memang boring gila dgr org msia komplen that its hot. but then bila i balik msia pun i rasa panas jugak. mainly because bcos there is no aircondition in the house. kat sini somanya aircond.

i donno how long they fixed it. i got home at 6 pm. dah on balik dah

Mommy Ummar said...

oh my! ujian betul tu..
then sure kat mall org bersesak2 :)