Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack Broke His Arm

Jack fell down and broke his arm
and no one come tumbling after.

Qadr Allah Jack broke his arm a week before raya.

He was jumping at the hanging chain at the cashier counter. Probably miscalculated his jump and fell. It was a short fall but a hard one on his elbow. He cried unlike his normal cries and curl himself on the floor.

It took me a few seconds to asses the situation. I didn't even pick him up immediately but stared at his arm. It seemed wobbly. But didn't look broken. But that is also because none of us either have X-Ray visions nor do we know how a broken arm should look like.

Picked him up a few seconds later and began to swallow that for usual fall he doesn't cry this long. His cries were too little for a boy with broken arm and taking that cue, I didn't think it was serious. But in relative to his other falls, he looked more distress.

Took him to the nearest clinic amd the doctor didn't think it was serious also. But gave us Ibuprofen and told us to observe him for a few hours.

But lover did not buy it. Zachary slept most of he time on lover's shoulders sweating. So we took him to the orthopaedics (spelling?) and had a proper X Ray on him.

PhotobucketThere you go. A broken arm.

Had a cast on him or whatever you call it. t is like a bandage that the doctor wrap around his arm and it went hard a few minutes later. I thought they will slap him with those heavy paris cement. Alhamdulillah for new inventions. Itwill be cracked open in a month, Insya Allah. Obviously in Qatar because I am leaving very soon.

But that did not stop him from being himself a few days later. Still looking very cheeky in his baju melayu.

It is two weeks now that he is in the cast. He can make a fist, display peace sign and play the computer games (!!!!). And also the highlight is he can make sujud with two arms. Alhamdulillah.

Would you give him extra duit raya?


Peri PiA said...

Ya Allah

get well soon jack

k.lollies dtg la rumah umi saya ehehee

selamat hari raya again

abi said...

kesian jackjack. tapi saya masih rasa lagi entri ini adalah untuk mintak duit raya lebih. :) selamat hari raya. jemput datang rumah kalau masih lama di sini

Lollies said...

ruby - hajat di jhati tu nak jugak. tapi since it is raya and puasa we spent most of our time in muar and melaka. last minute esok baru balik kl. we are leaving to the airport at 9 malam. kalau ruby and mak itam sempat singgalah rumah petang khamis..tapi hahahah tak ada masak apa. tenga nak kemas bag nak balik malam tu.

abi - hah! nampak pun yang tersirat. hehehe thanks abi for the invitation. tapi mintak maaf masa sangat terhad. nak balik dah ni.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was the cry. Not the normal, short cry. Najwa was sobbing... pastu dia senyap. Pastu dia terisak2 balik. Pastu dia makan spaghetti, she put down the fork.. and terisak2 lagi. Sakit agaknya sebab masa duduk kaki tergantung kan.

Isk. Alhamdulillah la fracture sikit je Jack Jack oi. Boleh la beraya pakai baju melayu cantik kilat tuh. Good thing bawak pi xray eh.

Che Na, insya allah bley bagi duit raya (lebih dari Haziq and Sya but you don't have to tell them) tapi sebab dah nak balik ... tak sempat la Che Na bagi.

Mintak kat Ibu je la eh? ahhahahah

أم الليث said...

Love the sling! Fashionable gitu. Nothing like the old fashioned ugly triangular bandage kahkah.

We call it plaster of paris (POP) casts. The "simen" is in the bandage..so cuma basahkan bandage and ta-daa jadi keras.

terer doctor tu diagnose no fracture tanpa Xray kihkih