Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jack Can Swim

I remembered writing in the blog about sending the kids to swim last two summers. But then we had ramadhan and we went back to Malaysia and then come winter, I didn't continue with the class.

I enrolled them again last summer. They went for one month. Then we had Ramadhan and we went back to Malaysia and wehei now is winter. But this time, I wasa bit more serious. I have committed themselves (and me as the driver) to continue their swimming class and paid in advance last summer. This is in line with my mission and vision for them this year, Insya Allah.

So I have been spending some of my evenings ferrying them to their swimming class. And had to spend more time at the pool watching them.

Sya was doing very well. She seems to have flair in swimming. She looks very graceful in the water. Well done Sya! In three months she has jumped from Level 1 to Level 5. Allahuma Bareek.

Now jack is a different story. I have been watching him flapping his hands in the water and kicking wrongly or not kicking enough, holding on to the wall with one hand and pretending to swim with the other, cheating laps. Basically he just didn't get it. Even with the aid of the board he could half drown himself. Panas aje gua tengok.

Ferrying them home I would tell him what he did wrong, "You didn't raise your hips enough, you must put your head in the water, your hand must be straight. you didn't kick enough." And at home we practiced it on the bed. And in the car going to class, remember hips up, kick kick kick, head in water."

Months and months I am watching him in agony thinking how expensive the class is and wondering when will he get it.

Jack swimmong janBut this year, he showed changes. Masya Allah. Like alot! He knows how to kick, raise his hips. I only corrected the way he raised his head to get some air. And for now, I didn't have to pay attention and watch him like a hawk anymore. I could actually read a book.

And he is now kept chosen to be the exemplary swimmer for his class. Allahuma Bareek.

Ya ya makcik sangat gembira.

Remember children, when we do something we do excellent all the way. This is IHSAN. The outcome is up to Allah. But try the best you must!

In the mean time, ketahuilah ibu membebel sebab ibu sayang.


أم الليث said...

yey for jack! hehehehehe
faham sgt bab membebel tu. bknnya kita swimming teacher pon kihkihkih

layth's swimming teacher masa mula2 start dulu ckp suh kasi reward kat dia kalau dia perform well in class. contohnya lepas swimming mandi pool sama2. i did that..and he paid more attention in class hehe. skrg ni tak payah sbb dia dah suka pergi swimming.

Lollies said...

aliya - it gets easier after sometime I think. For the moment Ibu reward pergi minum air jus avocado kalau ibu gumbira dgn performance either one of them. Eh but i didnt mention pulak its a reward. I think I will. Thanks for the idea. I did puji him. He looks so happy sebab Ibu pun rasa happy.

Lollies said...

People - Jack is upgraded to level 3 swimming today. :D Alhamdulillah