Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kasi Ibu Encouragement Sikit

With rusty brain like mine, I do find learning difficult and memorisation hard to enter, very easy to leave the memory.

Haziq and I started memorising together because I made it into a friendly competition. I had a head start but he has now leapt so far from me. Allahuma Bareek. May Allah make him (and my children) among the people of the Quran. Those who memorise the words of Allah. Those who understand it and apply. And Quran will be for them and not against them in yaumul akhirah and that Quran will only increase their status in yaumul akhirah. And that Quran is their intercessor in yaumul akhirah.

Saying out loud, "Boleh ke Ibu ni Haziq?"

Ibu, he said, nenek yang umur 82 tahun pun can do it, Insya Allah you can. Allah al Musta'an!

Umm Saalih, A Grandmother Who Completed Memorizing the Qur‘aan at 82 yeas Old.

O Allah bless him.


أم الليث said...

sekarang tengah juzu' berapa?
you can do it!
i pun kene start hifz again la. dah lama kene revise pulak yg mana pernah hafal dulu AND hafal new ones
*dragging feet feeling*

Lollies said...

Aliya - dulu you told me you ngaji online dgn cikgu2 dari arab. Do they do memorisation as well?

Jom aliya, kita sambung balik. sikit2 pun ok Insya Allah