Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jack Sad When Abang is Not Here

Haziq is in Bangkok now. This year, we see him flying off to Dubai a few times and now to Bangkok for the final rendezvous this school year. He has been participating in several school debates, parliament style debate in Dubai, World Scholar's Cup Regional Round in Dubai. They were among the finals in the Dubai round and now they are in for Regional Round in Bangkok. Allahuma Bareek.

He participated in the same thing a few years ago. They didn't that well for that round though.

I hope the experience he gains from this will shape him to the best of character. May he become the leader of the muttaqun.

He left in the middle of the night when the kids were sleeping. So Jack woke up in the middle of the night finding his abang not in the bed. Cried, picked up abang's stuffed cat and his stuffed cat and walked to my room and slept next to me.

Weeee.. Ibu suka.

A brief introduction of what the World Scholar's Cup is all about.


butterflutter said...

Hugs to Jack and my doa for Haziq.

famygirl said...

Errr... I want to booking Haziq utk buat menantu boleh ke?? :-)

Mommy Ummar said...

Woww! For Haziq :)
And Weee...for Jack2 ;))
he's sweet lil brother lah, comel.

Eh btw, i met Kak Jeni today at parent ed class today. She's nice mom :)

m.u.l.a.n said...

all the best haziq..!!