Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Out Today

So we are moving out today Insya Allah. The mover will be coming in sometime at four in the evening. Of course I hope it is earlier so we could finish early and retire early ready for tomorrow suhoor and all. I suppose they want to escape from the afternoon heat. I'll be in the house in the morning to clean up and all Insya Allah. I have hired a cleaner as well Alhamdulillah.

The current house looks like tongkang pecah. Can't wait to get it done and over with. :D

So I'll be off the internet for a while until probably when I got to Malaysia at my parent's house or any intermittent free wifi I find. I like to share this video with all of you about sincerity by Muhammad Mukhtar Ash Shinqitee. At times like this, I need reminders over and over again to calm my heart and to renew my intention.

I am afterall a weak human being and I ask Allah to bestow on me ikhlas only for His sake. And one of the tests for ikhlas is that, you do not remind yourselves on any of the help that you have given other people only to ask later why did they not come to help you when you are in need. When you are sincere, you don't go "janji di tepati, kini masa balas budi".

If you are sincere for Allah, the only reward that you are to expect is from Allah. And He is the One who gives the best of reward and He may reward you now in this world in ways that he sees fit or He may reserve a bigger reward in the everlasting Hereafter.

In my last post I quoted a verse from Surah Insan that I find most beautiful concerning ikhlas. Sincerity requires strength of eemaan and tawakkul. Hatta you feeding to your stray cats. *chuckles* refer to last post.

May we be granted this.

See you on the otherside.

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Lollies, all the best to you ok. take care...