Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smart Stuff

I remember when I first came here, among  the changes I enforced in the family is to have an all together sit down dinner. No eating in front of the tv, on the couch, upstairs, in front of the tv. Even though we cant do it everyday with lover because of his odd timing, but I insist the rest must come down and be there.

I personally feel that there is so much bonding during this family get together. And since I am not working, I should make the best of the time I have.

But something evil is creeping in lately. This doesn't happen much at home though. It is mostly when we have our dinner outside. Enter the restaurant  Myself, lover, haziq and the kids will take out our respective Iphone, S3 (TRAITOR!), ipod and ipad. We will check the wifi, and our eyes are glued on the phone or tablet whatever.

Look we are not talking to each other. Sometimes even if we do, we wont be concentrating on the convo. Evil indeed this whatsapp that makes me pay attention to others more than my own family at this hour. And all these smart gadgets became so addictive that my heart yearns for it almost all the time.

Do you not see this happening almost to all. Sitting together but all are quiet staring at the gadget? I am a believer in a good old conversation. Jack, is in his talkative phase. He talks non stop and can go from one topic to another. Haziq, less talkative, but I enjoy the convo I have with him. Sya talks less but play alot with jack (oh by the way she must stop reading at dinner table too). I don't think I want to miss all of these.

Time to take action! No more smartphones, tablets and even story books at dinner table. I must stop this before this evil become permanently stuck on our hands and we lose the ability to talk to our loved ones, and only LOL and emoticon faces with those far away from us.

Who is with me?


Intan Saleh said...

sigh. i think if i ever had children, this is one of the thing i need to discuss with my husband. both of us guilty of this.

zan said...

We dont really use our gadgets at dining table coz i suka bersembang heheh.. Hub used to be on phone but since we hv our daughter, i need more hands, so its good then. Honestly i think these gadgets are evil and was thinking of removing my fb acct.. Thats why sampai sekarang we didnt get new tab after aidan crashed my ipad, ipod i simpan dlm drawer. There r many things that cam be done if my kids r not hooked to these gadgets, that includes me too, guilty!!