Wednesday, November 28, 2012

English Worksheet

I bought some english worksheet book for Sya and Jack the last time I went back during summer. It was Building writing skill workbook, Singap0re syllabus.

We did the first exercise. It was a picture story where you need to describe the pictures ad make it into a story. It was a picture of an accident between two cars. One of the driver looks like she fainted or maybe dead (I suppose up to you whichever way you want to write). So you need to describe the story.

I didn't think much of it until I read the following exercise.


And I thought how gory the description is.

Then we proceeded to the next exercise. Here is teh picture


OMG! What picture is this? Someone fell from an HDB flat? Or or or suicide? Are those suppose to blood splattering on the floor? And you are suppose to describe this story. Oh sorry, an eight year old suppose to describe the story? Blood and all?

Another picture. Less gory but still on subject of mishaps or series of unfortunate events.


A boy tripped on the stairs carrying a big bag.

That's it! I think, I had enough of these examples and very likely not proceed with the book.

Look, it's not that I am protective much. I read them stories of battles and so forth and the kids had their doses of Gaza and Syria. Those are real and heroic. While these story builders are just odd and not suitable to be in a child's exercise book.

It's probably a one off case. I am sure other publishers fare much better.

I'll just stick with online stuff after this.


I found this interesting STORY STARTER. Cute and simple and you can be imaginative as well. and no gory stuff also.


Anonymous said...

erkk!!? i was quite shocked the kind of pictures they have in the book!!
apasal semua kena gambar kena ada orang yg jatuh? sigh..


ms ngantuk said...

haven't read your blog for quite some time. used to live in singapore. suicides due to jumping off hdb blocks are common sight there. i used to walk by block of flats on way home and always see bodies on the ground. usually already covered with black plastic.