Monday, March 04, 2013


Already the third month of the year eh? Alhamdulillah for the chance to continue living and amend and work harder. By the way did I tell you I turned 40 last year? Alhamdulillah. A strong reminder that youth years are over and I can only pray that the little deeds I tried to do are accepted. Ya Rabb.

Some changes this year with timings. My lover's office changed his timing from 730 in the morning to 7. His office is approximately one hour away. So he needs to be out by 6 to be on time. The thing is, he usually sends the kids to school. Thus giving me time to cook before I go to class.

To send the kids now, he should go out the latest 540 in the morning and the kids will be there at 6 in the morning waiting for the gate to be opened.

Cut story short, it is decided that i will be sending the kids from now on. This would jeopardize the quality of food because I usually use that time before my 8 o'clock class to cook.

To top it, the traffic to and fro to this current house has worsened. With the roads that are forever under construction, I can only make premonition that it'll get worse. I have to be even more creative with cooking that should be quick and easy. Buying out is among the most top three options. :P

I suppose this the answer to my du'a that I ask Allah to give barakah to my time. Usually when you are busier, you tend to use your time better. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. We must try to make best out of this situation. Sure I am disappointed with his office but we must seek goodness to calm the heart. Of course meanwhile I ask lover if they allow to do flexible timing. Tapi I know the answer with these arabs. Dia orang kerja doha aje, senanglah cakap.

So I get to hear first hand whether the kids are doing their adzkar. Haziq has a funny way ensuring they do recite though. Main snap-snap finger aje.

I get to memorise in the car. Baca kuat-kuat dalam kereta macam dalam studio. I will upload more lectures on the iphone/ ipad. The car has bluetooth connection to the sound system. Memang blast! I am hinting to lover, I want an increase in allowance. Tee he he. Kerja lebih tak ada cuti tak ada mc babe. Tapi rasanya tak ada can. It doesn't hurt to try.

On another note, I admit I am tired out at the end of the day and prefer to spend time at home. Alhamdulillah, I rarely got invited. Come weekend all i want is to have a good morning exercise with the kids, hearty breakfast, halaqah after solat jumaat and board games after that or outing with them alone. And KAFA on Saturday. This is joy to me. Alhamdulillah.

I pray that you are in Allah's protection always.

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famyGirl said...

Ameen to your du'a. :)

Must share quick n easy recipes jika ada. Masya Allah, I admire your efforts to make sure your time is well spent. I wish Allah will grant barakah to my time too (yang sentiasa limited and chaotic! *sigh)