Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Jar of Cookies for Sya

a jar of cookie photo cookiesinajar_zps803852cf.jpgSya had a camp out at her school backyard this week. Throughout last week she was thinking of baking some cookies to ring to her camp out. But I was err lazy. And also the cookies recipe I had in the Magnolia Bakery recipe book was complicated and the ingredients were beyond me and I have run out of interest in this anyway.

But you know what, I noticed Sya has improved so much in many things. Not up to par yet (especially her messy room) but what I look for is effort and improvement that follow suit. Result is up to Allah. And we must acknowledge that people are different. Not everyone can be scorer and can find maths easy or or or. 

Regardless, effort is what I want to see. And this is what I am struggling with Sya. Alhamdulillah she seem to be coming out of her blur cocoon and is more aware of what she needs to do and what is expected and what it means to give good work.

Her hifz has also leapt and is beginning to retain her memory without me having to strain my vocal chord so much.

Don't expect a noble prize just yet but I am more than grateful to Allah, because it has been stressed for many years with her. And now Jack. Another story.

So I thought why not I surprise her with some cookies for her camp out today. I am lazy yes. But I will make an exception when I am happy and appreciative. 

It's my first time. Baking cookies that is. He he

So yeah a jar of cookies for Sya with lots of love and messy kitchen and happy other people in the house.

May Allah make her righteous and among those who is ikhlas and ihsan.

cookie hangus photo burntcookies_zpsf647956d.jpgI sent the cookie jar picture to lover to tell him that I am sending this to Sya but the cookies was tak cantik and kembang-kembang. He replied nampak sedapnya yum yum. That evening he came back home. I think he was looking for the same jar with the red lid. But he couldn't find it because I have already send it to Sya. He was so shocked because there were no more cookies and started babbling and I err sort of let him.

I was surprised he didn't see the cookies in the clear tupperware. He said I must buy more ingredient and I must make more. I told him I am lazy to make more. Then he said I have to go to Magnolia Bakery and get their cookies then but that is cheating because it is not the same one. And insisted and insisted I must make some more. Then suddenly he saw the cookies on the table right in front of him. Isk isk isk kekasih ni, takkanlah saya tak tinggalkan BANYAK untuk awak dan anak-anak. Meroyan cari batu belah batu bertangkup pulak nanti.

 Rasa dia sedaplah jugak. tak lah over the top. But I like the burnt one most. I believe the burnt one has low sugar count sebab dia pahit. LOL


butterflutter said...

Ahhh...nak cikit la. I selalu berangan nak buat tapi tak terbuat-buat :-P Just nake share...I am having a hard time with my children *sigh...hugs...

Lollies said...

From my side, you guys are doing a ok. What do you mean by hard time?