Monday, May 13, 2013

The Land of the Prophets - Prophet Lut and the Dead Sea

Then we have the Dead Sea where it is believed this is where Allah's curses landed on those who transgressed and also what we know that those people committed the grave sins of homosexuality.

 photo DSC_0684_zpsf27d346a.jpg

I remembered when I was 11 years old, I found a set of Encyclopedia for Children. In it has a picture of the Dead Sea and its amazing salt contain that make people unable to sink. I knew I must be at this place. I didn't get in the water though because my interest dwindle at this cursed place. I went there though and did taste the bitter, salty water and tested the miracle mud as people call it on my hand.

I was disappointed when I got there. It was littered everywhere. I mean for a site that is world famous, should this not be the basic thing to do? Especially for a country whose main income is tourism. It is perplexing to me.Of course there is the paid area. I suppose its cleaner there. They have toilet and towel facilities for you to wash yourself after splashing in the super salty water.

But the free area, it can sure be cleaner. Tanjung Mas Muo fare better. Having said that, you can't float unaided at the waters of Tanjung Mas Muo though.

The picture above, is at the southern part of the Dead sea area. No people here. And the view is spectacular.

Thinking back, when I read the Encyclopedia, I have always wondered about this Dead Sea. Can't believe I get to see it myself.


famygirl said...

Subhanallah, breathtaking view. You took the picture?

Lollies said...

Yup! I did. :D