Monday, April 29, 2013

The Wise and the Patient.

Since we move to this house, i sent haziq to the masjid nearby for his quran. Alhamdulilah he enjoys his class even though none of the sheiks speak english and he doesnt speak much arabic either. But well, he'll pick up here and there i suppose.

When he first had his exam with this blue eyed sheikh, he told me he couldnt even look at the sheikh. The exam was one to one and face to face. And the sheikh would look at him above his glasses with deep piercing blue eyes. Eyes so blue that you can swim in it.

Haziq further describe this exam sheikh as someone who looks so wise. You can see wisdom in his eyes in his face in his smile and in his question. Even when he singles out haziq and ask him, "hal anta tafham?"( do you understand). It is as if only wisdom springs from his speech. The fact that he speaks arabic fusha (standard arabic) makes his speech beautiful. Masya Allah!

This sheikh we always refer as The wise sheikh.

And there is another one. He is the mudir of the centre. The kahuna. Haziq describes him as a very patient man. Haziq also said his feet is like those who is firm. He has firm and steadfast feet. How do you know this Haziq. I don't know, i just feel so.

Well perhaps the sheikh is.

He is the firm and patient sheikh - based on his feet.

As long as they are good description. Otherwise better to keep it to yourself.

I ask allah that the sheikhs are even better than what we think of them. And may their good characters rub on their students.

Having said that, we are not taksub to any of Allah's creation. Allow me to share this clip. The sheikh being address is Sheikh Uthaymeen rahimullah


Anonymous said...

Tq for the video

Lollies said...

You are welcome. May it be beneficial.:)