Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tips to Memorise

One of the things that people would advise those who want to memorise is to use one mushaf throughout. This is because, one doesnt memorise just by remembering the words, rather one also memorises the placement of the verse. Is it at the top of the page, bottom of the page or the next page. Even the scribbles in the page, or dog-eared will be planted in your memory.

This tip will become more pertinent as your memorisation increases and the verses become similar.

Having said that, not everyone can keep the same mushaf in the entirety. Me for example.

It is important that the new mushaf has the same layout. And thus i learned that differnt mushaf are printed differently. 

The top one is Sya's quran. Please ignore the state of the page. This is generally the format we use. Surah jumuah starts at the beginning of the page on the right side. The other mushaf, has totally diffrent orientation. Jack is using this one while we are on a break here, and jack (and me) are having difficulty trying to identify the position of the verses.

So there you go. Try to keep the same mushaf all throughout your memorisation adventure. Otherwise get a mushaf of the same format.

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Anonymous said...

Salam. You are right. My kids were told by their Ustaz to keep to one Mushaf and when they get a new one, it has to be of the same format.

Anonymous said...

JazakAllah sis! omg you masih rajin blog ya? keep on sharing!

Rad aka mommyalif(azim) hihi kesian azim masa dia lahir mommy dah tak blog.