Friday, November 25, 2005

So how?

I met a friend sometime ago who has amazingly slim down after givng birth. For I am quite an understanding person and also a natural motivator, I asked her, so how did you get this svelte figure so quick dahling. You look great. I said envily, while tucking in the flabs under my tight granny white girdle.

She said, listen ok, "Oh! Easy peasy Lollies. All I did was, I stopped snacking on the biscuits and chocolates and brownies. You know how I love cookies. But they are the real culprits. So I just stop eating them and I slimmed down. Good eh? Surely Lollies, you can do it too." She said, glancing at my escaped flabs. I can do it too.

My only problem is, I don't snack on cookies nor brownies nor biscuits at all. And I am cautious on chocolates too.

And I am still fat!

How maaa?


OneEE said...

ya lorrrr, I only took chocolate during PMS..but still...some people are just lucky..I think I eat too much carbo..nasik is the culprit or plain to avoid from makan nasik?

but I noticed, after following lopaktike and jjalomah's tips of avoiding carbo, berat ada sikit turun..I think I need to exercise..


bertique said...

aisey, no worries abt it la sis. trust me you are still gorgeous!

nanti dah slim down ala2 miss universe, mr lollies risau lak ;)

tapikan, after u balik dr qatar .. mesti u kurus .. vogue gitu.

meletops mak!

atiza said...

macane nak stop eating nasik..mak melayu tulen la, nyah!

Lollies said...

onde2 - exercise? waduh

betik - i think not lah. with all the good food negeri arab, briyani, bukhari, roast lamb..lagi mengembuk adalah.

atiza - ya loorrr

Anonymous said...

Ya Rabbi!! you are not at all chubbylah. kecik molek je..sedap je mata memandang. i'd say, don't stop eating the stuff that you love, just do a bit of exercise. sit up ke, stretching ke, yoga ke.
as for the mid eastern food, the trick is, not to eat meat with carbo (no rice, no roti). makan lamb bodoh2 camtu je, with lots of lime. that will take away the fat.
don't you worry, you look good lah babe!


kunci said...

i think she is telling only half of the story... :P

nENn said...

judging be the pics yg I've seen you are va-va-voomlicious laa! (compliment tau!)

ade org kate kite ni ade berat tulang/lemak/air, ala2 iklan Sendayu tinggi. I must be berat all three! hahahaha

Nekbat said...

I do not believe for one second that you are fat.

lollies said...

titi - smooch kat dia. Exercise? ok ok pas ni i buat.

kunci - oh anda adalah suatu misteri. siapakah kunci ini agaknya.

nenn - alamak gambar manakah yang anda tengok tu?

nekbat - you know that I have fallen in love with you kan?

shidah said...

ehem2 cik lollies.... if u r fat,I'm?

elisataufik said...

ha ha.. jaga2.. you are right about the food.. one of the makciks here said she gained like 5 kilos in the first 2 years ke gitu.
You can try avoiding makan the nasik but they are so yummy!
what I do is I take only abit of rice, and pile on the salads (and avoid the yoghurt dressing!)
Tapi now that I'm pregnant, apa lagi.. makan lah beb.. dah memang nak gemuk, kan?

btw, I update my blogspot.. go lah baca..

Lollies said...

shidah - you? you are ok? aku tengok ko ok aje. macam dulu aje.

elisa oh saya sungguh takut tapi saaya suka makan. tulah berapa kali i pi tempat you, tak update-update pun.

easylady said...

use this to see you r overweight or not BMI=(wt in kg)/(height in m)x(height in m).Normal=18.5-24.9
moderate=25-29.9, obesity=30-39.9 extreme obesity more than 40.

Its always the case,people tend to say they r fat because they compare when they r young.Which obviously they r underweight at that time.

So which group r u now?

Nekbat said...

And I do you, fallen in love.

Lollies said...

easylady - saya happy to announce yang BMI saya tidak di dalam kategori itu. Yeah boleh makan lagi.

nekbat - oh cintaku berbalas.

Lollies said...

BMI saya masih lagi normal, tapi sikit lagi mau pergi ke moderate. Silap-silap boleh kena viva ni.

rotidua said...

its not just the weight that im concerned, its the tummy. (I'm not just talking abt you, Chek Lol)

Even if your (ours) BMI is normal, tapi kalau pakai jeans/kebaya perut bley terbonjol teramat la sunnguh tak tertarik menarik dan tak memang da BOM.

apa Cjek Lol ni, citer pasal kiter lak

lollies said...

eh cik rotidua ni - makan cili ke awak tu?

zan said...

yelahh..samalah cam i, tak makan choc dan sewaktu dgnnya, jarang snack tapi still takleh turun2 now brown cow??? takde masa nak exerciselah hehehe...

CikNi said...

kalau ikut BMI tu, masa bujang lagi aku punya dah tahap maximum bila dah kawin, hancus

Lollies said...

wei zan - awak tu kurus ok. okul kang.

cik ni - eh ikut gambar yang saya tengok, awak tu slim aje.

Anonymous said...

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