Thursday, December 08, 2005

Brace(s off) Myself

Well well well whaddayaknow. I've got my braces off last Tuesday!!

So you don't know what I am talking about eh?

I have been wearing braces, for my teeth, that is, for more than two years now. This was for no other purpose other than the vanity in me. But for two very long years I have been going around, scaring little children with my smile. Some people have plastic smile. I had an iron smile or steel smile or a robot smile.

But now no more braces. Woo hooo. Smile with me people.

Errr..did I tell you though that I still have to wear something on my teeth. The retainer. I had no idea that retainer is like wearing dentures. You know with that plastic palate. Urrggghh! I hate it! I nearly puke putting that thing on! I was going around feeling like puking.

Anyway, I had to wear the retainer all the time except when I eat and brush my teeth. So if any of you want to meet up with me, you'd see me without the retainer for I am sure meeting equates to eating. Eating is no no for retainers.

And worst, I can't speak properly when I wear them. It's like I have a short tounge or something. I can't speak fast as well..for no one can understand me. This drive me crazy! So I was babbling and babbling to my lover, and he had no clue what I am talking about. Grrrrrrr!

So now new teeth for brand new life eh? I shall brace myself to the future ahead with sparkling perfect alligned teeth. I will smile and bare it to all, full of confident and will look perfect as an expat's wife. The lady of leisure I am.

Eh, I forgot I must wear the retainer at all times! Duhhh!


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

adooohai. never mind, if cannot speak, you write your blog la. all the time.

wear retainer can indulge in tongue exchange or not?

atrco said...

aku rasa ko lebih cun dengan braces.

pakai sampai tua lah...

Lollies said...

babe - indeed no. any toungue fencing can be done easily. And I can take it off quite easily. I have mastered the art of taking off the retainer

atrco - aku cuma nampak ko kata aku cun.

Trust said...

Gambar takde ke

ninuk said...

akak kite kan dulu pakai braces jugak. lepas buka dia tak pakai retainer. then after many years balik asal "jongang dia. anyway, jongang asal dia tak de lah jongang sangat. she got this phobia because during her U time, her housemate was a dentistry student !

shidah said...

"I was going around feeling like puking" ,err.. you sure you're not baking something inside? ;)

lollies said...

trust - ah ah ek. how unthoughtful of me. nanti i cuba uploadkan.

ninuk - oh then I must wear the retainer. i must i must

shidah - heh heh heh. tak adalah.

CikNi said...

why is that u must wear that thing?

Nazrah said...

lollies: bila nak makan tu make sure u put it in ur retainer casing and not in some crumpled tissue. kalau hilang ayo leceh nak buat balik. bet u feel netter not having ot go n tighten your brackets ya? ond yes, keep it on! relapse is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

saje nak tanye..kalau hospiyal swasta berape ek kena bayar nak pakai braces. Saye nak pakai braces kat bahagian atas aje. berape ek?

Anonymous said...

Lagi satu, sebelum ni aku pernah pakai braces, tapi doktor tu tak bagus la.aku tak brape puas la dengan arrangement gigi aku ni. Masalahnya bulan 7 ni aku kena antar blajar kat semenanjung.Parents aku kat Sabah. Aku lak takde sedare mare kat sini. Umur aku pun belum 18 tahun lagi. Aku nak pakai braces tapi mesti ke parents aku ada kat sini untuk sign borang ke ape ke sebab aku bawah umur??

Anonymous said...

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