Saturday, December 10, 2005


This is not fair. So not fair. Shout out loud! Not fair!

I am still gloating over my perfect teeth. With or without retainer, at the moment, I deserve this feel good. Don't I. At any chance I got (eating time) I would flash my teeth. I would remind people that I am not wearing braces anymore. *FLASH TEETH! BIG GRIN!*

And today, today I am cast with this thing. This thing called cold sore. Why do they call it cold sore anyway, when it is hurting mad and blistering hot. Here look here, these ugly boils at the corner of my lips.

It is not enough that I had to suffer for years enduring the pain of the braces tightened.

It is not enough that I have to brave myself to eat during these pain. If there is such award of "The most determined person to eat through pain, that would be me.

It is not enough that I had to suffer blisters each time my kids knocked their head to that area. Blisters will worsen to ulcers. Make screw up face just thinking about it.

It is not enough that I had to go through this retainer emberassing myself with slurpy speech and dribbling.

And now, I must have cold sore. Ugly, ugly cold sore.

I remembered the first time I had cole sore.That was when I lost my cold-sore virginity. I didn't know what it was. My good friend Aowyn, the redhead Scottish, went around saying Lollies has herpes, Lollies has herpes. Herpes? Oh shit where did I get that from?

Scientifically cold sore is known as herpes simplex. It is also a cousin to chicken pox which is herpes something , I forgot

Anyway, today is Friday. Look at fingers counting the days. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Three more days to the day of my flight. I plan to look good. I bought a Zara suede jacket. And I swear I look good in striped shirt and an A-line skirt with ankle boots. Wouldn't I look good on the day I'm flying off? You agree?

With perfect teeth some more.

Only to be spoilt by cold sore!

Well I guess there are two ways to look at it.

One : I could have it even when I have braces on, and that is definitely double whammy

Two : At least the cold sore is now when the braces are off. So cold sore on good teeth is not too bad.

Let's choose number two. Just to make me happy.

On another note. This is perhaps my last entry as I am cutting off my line tomorrow. Just hope I got a line quickly so I can see all of you again.

If you miss me that much, you can read up all my past entries. And if that is not enough you can look at some photos HERE.

Will definitely miss you. Take care meanwhile. And you'd better be blogging when I am back!

GRIN and WAVES frantically.


Jill Yusoff said...

*Waves frantically back*

don't forget us now okay, ms expat's wife lollies. Saya tunggu your adventure stories in Qatar. mmmuaahs

elle said...

semoga selamat ye kak lollies..take care, kay..;-)

atiza said...

*holding back tears*

you take care okay. spill it all once your line is up and ready..


shidah said...

hey, I can imagine you with the suede jacket, skirt & boots. Forget about the cold sore, I see hot babe :) Write soon!

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

maka bermulalah lebaran baru dalam hidupmu sebagai seorang isteri expatriate yang happening!!!

kembalilah ke alam maya ini secepat mungkin, ya cik puan lolies ... kerana saya sangat merinduimu.

Anonymous said...

bon voyage

may all go well there

looking forward to read abt yr adventures there

*picturing u in ur hot outfit*

Ni said...

i hope that i can be the first to read your update on "q@tar life: the journey of lollies begin"

elle said...

hope to hear from u soon kak..;-)

Anonymous said...

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