Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Helper

Again many ask what would I do with my helper, now that we are going to Q@tar. I wanted to bring her there. I even told her on the possibilities. Alas, the ruling there was, Indonesian maids can only work for the Q@taris and no other nationalities. So, no luck on both of us.

She was my first helper. I remembered the jitters waiting for a helper to come. Anyway, you'd probably remember my entry of my Pep Talk with her on her first day with me. I had numerous other talks with her after that too. Initially it was once a week, than once a month, than whenever the need arises. It will evolve on instructions on the things she need to do or that she has done wrong or even how she find her stay here.

It's all a learning experience for me, for her and also for my children.

As for me, I had to learn to live in the lack of privacy. My lover couldn't just walk around without his shirt on and just boxers. I couldn't cook in my birthday suit. No more adventure in the kitchen and what nots. Privacy is just not there.

But my another bigger tasks are my kids. I am amazed at how kids learn to be the prince and princess in just a short while. One morning, I saw Haziq having his breakfast while my helper put his school shoes on for him. Enough that my helper helped put his bags in my car and all, but having see her squat and put his shoes on while he eat, somehow ticked me. That very night both of them are summoned upstairs. She, my helper, being told not to treat Haziq like a king. Haziq being instructed to take his bag downstairs, put it in the car, put on his shoes and be ready for me, on time! "And if Ibu see bibik putting on your shoes for you, both of you will get a smack from me!"

I also overheard Batrisyia shouting at my helper to put on the TV for her while she lie down on the couch in front of the TV and the remote is just reachable. Suffice to say, that she didn't get to watch TV for an hour, and had to put it on by herself from then on.

It was also an experience for my helper. Remember my posting about her first bash from the bitch next door? (Clicklah kalau nak baca. dengan yang ini)

Within seven months, all have understood my rulings and everything looks good. Batrisyia probably reminded my helper of her own daughter back in Indonesia. It's a pity that her stay with us is just for a short while. She is a good helper. I am not a fussy employer either.

Sometimes I think she doesn't have anything to do at all. Particularly when I am back from work. The general rulings are, the kids are mine once I got home. I will bathe them myself and I will feed all of them myself. She can help clear things up later.

One night I saw her reading "Mastika". She got it from my parents. Hmmmfff. So I bought her magazines. Carefully selecting that the contents at least has some intelligent provoking ideas. No romance, no skimpy clothes girl, mostly religion. I bought her story books. All Malay books. I even buy her Utusan sometimes. Last week I saw her reading Haziq's Muqaddam. The one with translation. Which is fine.

She is good. If you are fussy, you may find faults. But otherwise, she is really a good helper. She takes care of the kids fine. And she is not "gatal". (err horny?) She likes to cook too, except that I do most of the cooking. So she tried her hands on desserts, which is yummy. But I had to tell her to stop, fearing that my children (and myself) will get fat.

Many wanted her, knowing that I couldn't take her to Qatar. After discussions with her, we finally agreed that she go with my friend, of whom her helper had ran away with a man. My helper wanted a household with young children, to keep her busy with their little quirks.

I will send her off on Sunday, a day before I leave for Qatar. I pray that things will go well for her. I pray that she will earn enough to give a better life for both herself and her daughter. And also hope, her future employer,( I understand that she reads my blog sometimes) will take good care of her and treat her well.

I am thankful that in her short stay with me, I had a peace of mind. It's not easy to find a good helper nowadays.


ninuk said...

MasyaAllah, you are both blessed. You with such a good helper and her with such a compassionate employer ! May Allah blessed both of you ! Ish ish ish, jika di takdirkan aku kena jadi pembantu rumah, aku mau kerja sama lollies !

elle said...

sedih le pulak baca entry nih..btw, how old is she?

JoKontan said...

Privacy. I know that.

Maam used to aejah my sarong whenever it didn't fully cover my sexy legs. hehe. Nowadays, a stern look will do it.

I think gatal is itchy. Whereas Horny, kontanspeak, is birah. Pronounce as bi-ghoh.

Horni-er is Gateibighoh..

There's a real bird in KL Bird's Park known as Burung Gatal Birah. I better stop.

:-)). Hava a safe journey. You Always have virtual frens around.

lollies said...

ninuk. waduh ibu ninuk ada mungkin saya mau kerja sama Ibu. read aloud gitu

elle - she is 28.

jokontan - awak kena blog pasal apa2 burung yang gatal birah

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

tetibakan, aku pulak jadik queen emo baca this entry.

may your helper get another employer just as good as her current one.

Nekbat said...

and it's also not easy finding a good employer these days. hope things work well for both you and her in the new domestic environment.

shidah said...

i truly agreed on the difficulties of finding a good helper, and to handle 4 kids like mine...

lollies said...

babe - marilah kita berpeluk-peulk dan menangis bersama.

nekbat - I hope things go well for her.

shidah - itulah dia

Anonymous said...

eh..i can be your helper over there..kasi kita makan 3x sehari jadi laa..kita nak gi doha sama..


Lollies said...

alamak nef..helper I tak bolehlah cun sangat. heh heh

Anonymous said...

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