Monday, February 13, 2006

Capitalist Internet Prepaid Dial Up

Capitalist Internet Prepaid Dial Up

First of all before I go on putting up this entry, let it be known to the world that I am thankful that I can be connected. I am. I am. For which, otherwise, I would be cooped up thinking what is happening outside. I am thankful.

But it would be much better if they don't suck me dry the way they are doing now!!! HMMMfffttttttt

Now the background knowledge. Due to the fact that my lover still does not possess his Residential Permit (RP), we cannot apply for an ADSL. However, having said that, even if he already has an RP now, now at this very moment I am typing this, we still cannot apply for an ADSL because we know that the house we are living in now is only a temporary one. We will be moving out the latest in May.

Anyway, again I iterate, I am thankful that life is not doom for those with the excuses as above. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless that it may be an oncoming train. But light, there is.

I am using a prepaid internet card. The card only comes in by QAR50. It costs QAR4 per hour. Let's not convert any currency. Let's just think of it as it charges you 4 per hour, be it pounds, lire or ringgit. The maximum speed it'll reach is 44kbps, but this is rare.

It's okay really the charging of this amount. If I can still recall my maths with my rusty brain, with QAR50 in a card and assuming I am connected 2 hours a day. So 2 hours make QAR8 a day. Thus errr 50/8 = 6.25. A good one week approximately eh? Considering I could get my basic needs for 2 hours a day. After all my lover said please be prudent with the card.

Definition of prudent for me now is updating blog, reading and replying comments, visiting friends only blog and comment, NO BLOGHOP on people I don't know yet, checking emails, sending new ones, chatting with friends tops 30 minutes (while reading other people's blog), chatting with dad and mum, Allowing Haziq to chat with my dad for 30 minutes top every other day, googling for important things only, noting fanciful. No intensive research can be made.

Try using this card. It is amazing if I could ever achieve what the prudent things that I can do. You know why?

It takes 15 minutes to load a page and sometimes when it does load up and you are about to read it, it goes kaput. The you have to click go so many times, you almost give up. Then another 10 minutes for the comments to come out and another 10 minutes for you to add comments and that is being kind. Not to mention if you want to post an entry. Worst still if you have photos.

Then you may want to proceed reading other people's blog. The whole routine will follow. To even load up the google page takes ages!

At the rate this is going I had used about QAR400 a month which is a good 2MB ADSL. Grrrr. And that is why I call it a capitalist. I have no choice but to use it and I got poorer and not get the best service I could get with the same amount of money.

P/S : I am waiting for the moment that lover will shout and said you are burning money for nothing!


azer said...

..if u use normal dial-up, yg dial "161" tuh better.. connection speed 50-56k n reliable.. no problem of kejap kejap dc ke apa.. but a bit expensive ler QR6 per hour.. my mnthly bill so far +- 300.. wakakakaka kopak wo.. hopefully nx wk dah masuk BARQ.. btw kalau pindah umah can arrange for BARQ transfer for some fee QR50 kalau tak silap..

anne said...

There's no place like Home!!!

Lollies said...

azer - eh QR6 eh? Mahalnya. I thot dia kata QR2 per hour aje. tulah kalau QR300 might as well you sign up for the 1MB. setahun dapat discountlagi tiga bulan.

anne - you are so right

atiza said...

kesian wonder stevie wonder kau sekejap2 tenggelam timbul

azer said...

oh yg QR2 tu u have to pay min fee monthly.. +- rugi jugak.. yg dial 161 tu anytime jek pakai n hentam jek username n pswd to anything.. wakakkakaka.. :) ..btw cek dah pass drivin test.. legaaaa siot!

Lollies said...

atiza - itulah pasal

azer - wei lama tak chat. tarak card. habis. CONGRATS babe.nanti story eh?

azer said...

yeah thx :) .. no worries.. buzz jek bila online.. hehe

Captain Barbell said...

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A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

ahem ...

saya menunggu cerita-cerita kenakalan cik lollies di dapur dan juga gambar-gambar lucahnya.

bergen said...

Hello,Ihopeyou'vegottimetoreadthisasfastasyoucan. Haveaniceday,ma'am.

Lollies said...

azer - mungkin petang ni sat. i nak pi al jarin. ada kedai buku lain tak ah?

saudagar busuk hati - wei dengki betullah kawan kita ni. I NAK TENGOK!!!!! HUWAAA

babe - i tell you I got myself an apron. So I am cooking in it. Hmm tinggal nak get that bunny tail aje ni

bergen - ha ha ha

azer said...

..hmm between tv n burger king roundabout ada 2 3 kedai kot.. sini dorang rak reti nak baca buku agaknya susah beno nak jumpa bookstore kan.. hehe..

Lollies said...

i dah pi kedai buku.i curi2 ambik buku reading lolita in tehran. mahalllah babe kat sini

Trust said...

400 sebulan? Tell your lover that is the price to maintain your sanity, otherwise hammer and sickle will await him at home!!!!

The Virginal Babe said...

you cook wearing the apron only?

hey! i got some spare bunny tails around here. ndaaaak?

bertique said...

well, i believe the same arguments do apply here in mesia. but if that's the cost for your happiness, am sure mr lollies would understand.

how's your kids? rindu dah i nih kat depa ..

Lollies said...

trust - you know I have my calculation for the adsl (future planning)

512kbps - 200 ringgit
1MB - 300 ringgit
2MB - 400

pasal I baik hati I ambik 1MB (kalau tak i amik 2MB just for the heck of it). If sign up setahun discount threemonths. So essentially a year is 2,700. bagi balik 12 bulan baru 200 lebih. Saving tu kan? Kalo tak I bebel mak balik. heh heh

babe - bontot aku besar. Sesuai tak?

betik - tapi over here the more the mahal.

Anonymous said...

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