Monday, February 06, 2006

My Cooking

Entry ini ditujukan khas untuk babe yang cun melecun itu, dengan ucapan "Sesungguhnya aku cinta padamu."

My lover told me that my cooking has improved tremendously. If I were my usual self, I would have jumped and said, "Are you saying it was bad before??!!" But instead I took the compliments because deep down I know there are some truths in it.

I told him, I don't really like cooking you know. I don't hate it. It's just don't fancy doing it. Worst still every day, in out, in out. I don't think everyday cooking can ever be my hobby. I have never really helped my mum during those precious teen years and my first time experience was the one I cooked chicken rice sometime in autumn of 1992.

I do cook, but usually it is the simple one for the kids on weekday basis. Now those used to be special weekend cookings are my everyday cooking. Imagine that? I think my mum would be half impressed. Even my dad, who was at disbelief after he discovered that I can somewhat cook when he visited us after we got married.

And because cooking is now my KPI, I put my heart and soul in it. And I have to eat it for God's sake. I don't want to be eating fried chicken everyday now do I. Or omellete or fried eggs or ayam masak kicap again and again? And plus the food here, how much can you take arab food everyday? The oily briyani rice. My lover doesn't fancy food with so little gravey. I only like kebab and lamb chops. Zachary doesn't like it. So I had to cook..everyday.

Having said that, I do like to invite people and cook up for them. Ohh I so love that. I like cooking the many dishes, the preparation..they are all adrenalin rush to me. Making sure the food is at least edible, if not delicious. Taking out cutleries, serving dishes. I like the non-stop preparation from the night earlier, the playing hostess and the satisfaction that good food is served and hopefully people enjoyed. That I like. I am not sure if there is any scientific term to these behaviours. I don't really like cooking but I like to cook for a lot of people. 30 to 40 the most so far. Not that many, but enough for the pots and pans I own.

Over here, the Malaysian expat's wife is generally judged by their cooking skill or what they can cook. Well, judge is actually a strong word. But if they have something on and the menu is pot you want to come in every time with fried chicken? And plus since I like cooking for lots, I just need good menu for pot luck.

But, look at Zachary's cheeks now. In this cold weather his chubbier cheeks glow red.

And my sweet Batrisyia, whenever the food is to her liking would go, "Bang, let's hug Ibu, pasal Ibu masak sedap. (Ibu's cooking is delicious)

Or my, ever bodekful Haziq, would go, "Ayah, Ibu masak sedap sangatkan? Gemuklah Haziq macam ni kan Ayah." Dad! Ibu's cooking is just superb. I can go fat like this

And my lover would do that shivering act of ecstasy.

Oh well…suffice to say, I think I will score in this KPI this year.

Just for the record ok, a domestic goddess will never ever bring in ayam goreng kunyit for pot luck. No way! My chicken will always be marinated with something. Normal spices, satay like spices, with flour batter or breadcrumb. Ayam goreng kunyit hanya sesuai untuk dimakan dirumah panas-panas.

You see, I can be hard on myself.


maklang said...


I always feel good when the food that I cooked is appreciated by the kids and my Cik Abang. Normally if the food is to their liking they will always blaim the food as to why they are eating so much. They are always go like this, ' Kenapalah Mak masak sedap sangat, Angah kena makan banyak'!

Padahal nak mintak tambah, tapi puji lah dulu tu...

Way to go Lollies, you are doing fine...

Anonymous said...

saya baca entri ni pun boleh jadi lapar. i can just imagine what youre cooking up over there

elle said...

me-mkn kat kedai pun order ayam goreng kunyit wif nasi..;-p

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

vast? you call me vast? i am so fat now izzit? (because vast does mean huge).

by the way, thank you for the special dedication. i must say this is the very first blog entry ever dedicated to me, me and only me!!!!

but i can't help but wonder if there was an underlying message somewhere behind that dedication ...

anne said...

lollies, if there is one good thing about having to move to Qatar is improving your cooking skills....hehehe. Kan everything happen for a reason.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Lollies. Hope you can maintain your sanity doing something you don't really fancy day in day out for years and years to come (selagi duduk midel is).

Also hope your lover appreciate that sacrifice! Muahahahahah.

Lollies said...

mak lang - kalau dia tak appreciate saya akan sulk. heh heh

pb - dasat gak entry ni ya?

babe - eh ya gak tu ek. vast does mean huge. I thought that's what they use when they mean you are vogue. vogue babe vogue. I should have just used word I know. Bang head on wall. I think I'll change it to vogue lah.

Anyway no underlying message. Asal nak ada message-message pulak? Semalam mu kata entry wa asik cita pasal masak aje, inilah sebabnya. The entry explains it. Dah tak ada benda lain nak buat. sigh.

anne - it takes the movement to do this. heh heh

hansac - waaa that is nice thing to say. I think for the first month memang tak insane. masak, sapu, mop, masak, sapu, mop! this is the biggest sacrifice I ever made in the name of love! hu hu

Lollies said...

eh hansac silap..for the first month i did go insane. eh actually sampai sekarang pun.

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

lolly lolly lolly oh lolly, don't be too hard on yourself. the fact that you dedicated a post to me is already oh so made my day yesterday.

eventhough the post is about cooking and i can't bloody well cook to save my life.

mana la tau ... you might just well be the inspiration to get me venture into the kitchen.

~ Babe The Badak Yang Very Vast

Lollies said...

babe - waaa. aku kasi ko inspiration? Aku pun kena kasi inspire aku sendiri ni.

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

inspiration aje. inspiration takde kemahuan tak guna jugak.

oh bontot ku .. mengapa kamu sunggoh berat?

Lollies said...

babe - kat malaysia beli aje luar. That's what I did. Lagi best. I ni kes terperangkap dengan janji2 manis lover ku.

Anonymous said...

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