Friday, February 10, 2006


When I came here sometime in the middle of December, it was quite cold. It's not freezing cold but it is definitely colder. Malaysia's temperature is about 28-32C at lower ground. Thus 10-13C can be cold to me. Especially when the wind is blowing.

I learned that different people have different threshold level and susceptibility to coldness, depending where they come from.

One fine breezy evening I wanted to take the children for a walk in the compound. The wind was blowing hard. Considering that it is quite cold so I put on a jacket and put jumper on the kids. It was cold alright. My ears felt stiff.

I saw a lady, presumably she was from Europe or even the States or whichever country much colder than here. She was wearing sleeveless shirt, short skirt and barefooted even. I felt so overdressed.

But I guess I am ok. My next door neighbour whom I assumed is also from another equator country, must be really freezing.

Their kids even wear ski mask and gloves!

Tapi sekarang dah panas!!!

Menu Pot Luck : Apple Crumble and custard sauce


KakNi said...

hi lollies, sori lah lama tak dtg. bz ya amat eh.

hang tak besa lagi kot cuaca kat sana, takpalah pelan-pelan lah hang adjust badan hang dengan iklim kat sana

mebbe tingkap tu cute, anak hang suka kot

maklang said...

Kenkadang tu kalau sejuk sangat rasa macam nak tercabut telinga....Anyway, enjoy the cold weather while you can. Kat Kerteh ni tengah musim angin & hujan jugak. Sejuk...Tapi baru 2-3 hari je... 2-3 hari lagi tak tahulah. Kot panas lak....

Sedapnya Apple crumble and custard sauce. Ada resipi?

Jill Yusoff said...

Warm Apple Crumble and Vanilla Ice-cream. Delish.
Sometimes I miss the cold weather. Lucky you.

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Lollies said...

cik ni - sekarang ni dah panas dah. adoi berpeluh nak pi ambik sya

mak lang - tulah syok je tido sejuk2 ni. tak yah pasang air cond

resepi apple crumble

self raising flour - 4oz (120gm)
cooking apples (yang hijau tu granny smith is the best) - 2 biji
sugar - 1oz (30gm) + 1 TBS (on apple)
brown sugar - 1oz (30gm) + 1TBS (on crumble)
butter - 2oz (60gm) (lebih kurang 3 sudu besar)

Apple - peeled, cored and slice then susunkan dalam baking dish. Saya pakai pyrex clear glass sebab clear glass nampak apple tu cantik
then put sugar on apple
untuk crumblenya : miz flour, sugar and brown sugar and add butter.
rub with fingers. Jangan sampai jadi dough pulak. Kasar-kasar aje. nampak macam crumble
place crumble on top of apple
sprinkle brown sugar on top of crumble
bake in preheated oven at 350F (175C) dalam 30-40 minit.

Sedap sekali.

dory - it is indeed delicious. Tell you this the cold weather was really great. reminded me of autumn in the UK.

spammer - alamak masuk lagi spam ni. nak kena bubuh balik word verification lah ni. bosan betul

Anonymous said...

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