Monday, November 27, 2006

Word Sunday : Terrible Twos

The terrible twos refer to the period when a toddler are beginning to discover independence and individuality. It can begin as early as 9 months but usually around the age of two, thus the name. This is the age where temper tantrums are beginning to emerge.

At this stage the toddler is discovering that they are actually a separate entity altogether being from their mother. The way for them to explore and see how things work, is by testing their boundaries. Thus it is very important for mummies to be consistent with boundaries and discipline for the childÂ’s safety and MY SANITY. And of course lots of luuurrvvvvveeee and kisses and huggies and nose pressings and cheek pinching.

But of course Zachary is no where near terrible. I kan mak dia. Mestilah kata gitu. He throws tantrums now and then to the dismay of his kakak and abang. But it never did stop them "bullying" him anyway. Despite the occasional crying from JackJack who complains that abang buat him or complaints from abang that jack keep throwing his blocks at him or the forever complaints by Sya that Jack pulled her hair, they are always playing together.

As expected, everything in the house belongs to him. EVERYTHING. "Mine!", he would say. When he wants, he wants. So sometimes I need to put a line to him. Kena tahnlah kalau melalak tu.

Haziq usually kicks around with Jack. Jack would be holding his fist in a stance. He would then charge at you and pretend to hit you, but sometimes he would actually hit you for good. Ouch! Jack! When you still wear diaper, you would look incredibly cute doing that. And because a toddler look like us albeit small, shot hands, short legs, small fists, buttoned nose, they look so adorable. It's hard to be angry.

Jack plays with Sya's dolls too. He would hold a wrapped up in a blankie barbie, just like Sya, but would later throw Barbie around. Sya would of course be angry.

The only problem is when my older kids are not around. Jack would usually want to kick around with me. I sometimes oblige. He would charge, kick, punch and I would pretend that I was hurt..ahhhhhh...and drop myself to the floor. Then I would come up and attack him in return. He would run with his little short legs and exaggerated arm swing. I would then lift him up and attack him with kisses on his face, on his tummy, his armpit and he would shout and squeal. If he is in the mood of punching, this would annoy him tremendously and would wriggle off. He would shout,"TOP IT! TOP IT!" And that is stop it in your language.

Another great thing about these terrible twos period is their constant act of imitating you. Especially masa sembahyang. So cute tengok budak kecik sujud. And him reciting Allahu Akbar.

And vocabolary expansion is tremendous albeit sometimes the baby talk. The attempt to have a full conversation with you is amusing. Zachary is now into three proper word in a sentence.

Jack nak ikut.
Abang main air.
Nak ambik kakak.
Jack nak apple jus. (eh 4 pulak)

Terrible twos year is a great year to enjoy your little one, but watch out for the tantrum.

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zan said...

test your patience right but i just love it when they burst into laughter...suka gigit+tickle anak i...

hey c u soon lollies ;)

sare @ syah said...

wow, this is something new to me. TQ for sharing :) better get ready before baby Amirah turns 2. hehe

Jo Kontan said...

Ajim is 2 tahun, 2 bulan.

Dilla is 7 bulan.

Once they've grown up (cam Anne and Afiqa)it is all Gone..

Bila Ajim Menjerit, tuu yang tak tahan. Tapi, Alah bisa tegal Biasa.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

i have been playing doll with aishah for nearly 4 yrs now...tak reti nak jaga boys...must
learn fr u.

u know what i know now that i didn't know when aishah was two...that the problem was me not being able to handle a child more than my child being that i know how to manage her, it gets easier...what do u think mommie?

Lollies said...

zan - ah ah bila dia ketawa sungguhlah sincerenya. sungguhlah comelnya. harus gigit

sare - sila peratikan TV dan barang elektrik anda kelak. he he

TJ - awak sentiasa dapat enjoy terrible twos eh. kang dah lepas that age bolehlah tambah lagi

nazrah - adoi saya bukannya jaga apa pun. herdik sana herdik sini aje. ala mak mak saya ni.

I think darling, kita semua sama-sama belajar. mummy and the little one. dia belajar nak membesar kita belajar nak membesarkan. and like you said, when I can see that jack is trying to learn rather than being naughty, i can manage better. i suddenly see the light. tapik itu tak bermakna ibu ni tak garang woo.

eh tak sempat chatlak kita ni. kita jumpa tak nanti? he he

Jill Yusoff said...

two, twelve, twenty, semuanya terrible bagi saya. saya tabik spring kepada semua ibu-ibu di dalam dunia. jack akan membesar menjadi seorang lelaki yang sungguh macho tetapi sungguh in touch dengan feminine sidenya jua :)

famyGirl said...

Err I think kan Sofea and Aidiin think their Ibu is going through her terrible 30s. Ayooooo....

m.u.l.a.n said...

hhmm.. miss betul time2 tu when they are still around.. belum pi sekolah. now with marsha in playschool too (finish at 12, balik terus tidur till 3pm), rasa macam nak pull her out from school pulak. so so quiet at home..

Miss Anis said...

ahlauu akak lolliiessnesses. dah lama tak mengebuk sini. your entry actually made me laughed out loud, especially the top it top it part. hahah so cute and fiesty! tak sabar nak tengok apa jadi masa jackjack dah boleh cakap macam air nanti. oh boy hehe.

Anonymous said...

terrible two..enjoy! :0)

havent heard this song for ages.. who sang this song by the way? i forgot the name of singers not the songs..

Lollies said...

jill - oh dengan ciumanku itu pastinya jack will be in touch with his feminine side. beruntunglah bini dia kelak.

famy - uhuk uhuk. saya pun terrible jua

mulan - sabar sabar. nanti cuti summer soma ada kat rumah..ayooo cepatlah gi sekolah balik

anis - wei! apa cita ni? sonyap je.

simah - lighthouselah penyanyinya. adakah lagu ini nostalgic bagi anda?

anne said...

i feel left out...

Lollies said...

errr why is that?

Miss Anis said...

hahaha busy lah akak. now that bebudak dah cuti, marking pun dah nak siap, baru lah bleh kick back releks sket. i think, uh..

atiza said...

jimi pun cenggitu..

tiap hari nak tengok citer 'Cars' esp bila dia pakai t-shirt 'Cars' dia..kalau tak, melalak sampai esok..

satu lagi dah pandai mintak 'neneld' (McDonald's)

Anonymous said...

There are great lessons that we can learn from toddlers. One thing I really want to emulate but have not achieved it yet fully is 'Just do it' like how toddlers view life. How I wish though it is that easy.

simah said...

thanks..lighthouse rupanya :0) nostalgia? :0)