Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh I am Here

Looking down through the small plane window, ahhh look at the green Malaysia. Such a contrast to the barren arab land. Just smell the air. Freshness! Eh! Wait! Is that haze that is clouding my eyes? Bleearrgghh.

And I must have forgotten how sticky it is here. I am drenched 24 hours. Jack looks like he is being dipped in the pool.

But it is so not hot here, despite everyone is complaining that it is. I was out in the mid afternoon and the heat is like 7 in the morning there. I must say, mid afternoon here is pleasant. ha ha ha.

I have manged to eat satay, otak-otak, mee goreng. koay teow goreng basah, abc, ikan bakar at umbai. And durian, durian, durian. Banguun durian tidur durian. Sampai boleh memilihlah. Kalau tak kucing tidur tak mau. No KFC just yet but I ate A&W with root beer float. Nonah, I was thinking of you.

I'll be going to Melaka next week so I guess I won't be on the net for a long time. Even in KL. Perhaps I should leave my number here. I don't have most of your numbers. So if you have any problem whatsoever, do hesitate to call at +60196570808. Especially famygirl and zan. I need to know your plan.

Hmm what else..oh ok. I have joined the group of most modern parents I know by succumbing myself to get PS2 for my son. Yeah I know, it's not the best move. Insya Allah I will place discipline on him. Not on schooldays for sure. I think I should allow some indulgence of modern stuff on him. He does seem to be rather lost around his friends. I am not afraid to practice my veto power on him anytime. No anti socialising is allowed. We'll see.

Oh by the way, I think being 9 is probably not the best age for a boy. He can't play at certain parks. He is not allowed to enjoy the car ride at Umbai. He needs to look after his brother. He is too young to join the teenagers but getting old to act silly.

Oh oh. You know we were eating together at this restaurant here, noisily. I was looking at this family. The wife quiet blank stare. Husband quiet blank stare. Two kids were also quiet. Food came, mom feeds kids. Father eats quietly. Such table manners. BORING! Most of the time hubby reads papers. We do that too when we are eating without the kids, but we usually share our opinions on topics and soemtimes berebut papers.

I thank God for all of us speak and talk to each other at the dinner table. While waiting for food we can play games or listen to their stories. Or I would talk to lover while the kids quarel. I use to think memekaknya, but now I am thankful because I don't think I can stand if they do not speak to each other.

Other than that, there is nothing to report. The kids are having fun. So far so good. I am definitely not counting days to go back to Qatar.


k.d said...

Enjoy Malaysia

I guess when compared to Qatar's summer Malaysia's weather is tolerable!

Theta said...

Ikan Bakar Umbai? KFC? A&W?

I'm drooling all over! ;)

Have fun in Malaysia!

I know the last thing you'd want to do while immersing in Malaysia splendor is to be tagged for a meme, but I tagged you anyways. Hope you can squeeze in some time to do it. Thanks a bunch!

Please hop over to my blog for details...

UglyButAdorable said...

tak hengat menu kan..indulgence giler niee...

enjoy your holiday...:)

Jo Kontan said...

More suggestions :

Keropok lekor Kemamang (KLK)
Nasi Dagang
Nasi Kerabu
Asam Pedas K'tetel
Kerabu Mangga (som Tam)
Masak Lemak Tunjang
Ayam Percik
Satey Hj Samuri
Mee Bandong Muo
All the lauks @ Rebung


enjoy your Holidayyy.

fayrahim said...


"I have joined the group of most modern parents I know by succumbing myself to get PS2 for my son"

I confess...I am a PS2 addict *sengih

ya ya I should be ashame. My daughter always say "mama main game macam budak2" but discipline is the key. My daughter lives with my mom in BP and the PS2 lives with me in KL *sengih*

But I can't imagine how the fate of the PS2 would be in the hands of my daughter 24-7...sungguh amat merbahaya!

But then, I'm a female gamer who married a male gamer and behold a "gamer" daughter.

The games can be very violent at times. So keep a watch of stuff that are not appropriate.

Happy PS2 shopping and Happy holidays lollies!

Anonymous said... son pun bapaknyer belikan PSP sampai 2, so depa boleh main together gether...dah beli tu, beli pulak PS3! Bapaknyer yang hoooverrr!! and my son baru 3++ terrer giler main. I laaa yang susah sbb i kat rumah, so kita la kena mendisciplinekan dia. Letih tau!

Cant wait for him to go to school in sept. Anyway, dia tak dpt la DIS sebab penuh giler. So i enroll him at Newton International School. Ok ka ha tempat tuh? I pun tak tgk news latter cam best aje. School trip pun pi Oman.

Enjoy your holidays in Malaysia makan lah makanan melaysia yang sodap sodap tu puas puas..hehehe...unlike always counting days to go back to Qatar whenever im down in malaysia. I like it here...hahaha hairan kan? Tak pe simpankanlah kehairanan mu itu.

Nana said...

selamat pulang ke tanah air.. :)

enjoy ur holidays!

butterflutter said...

Welcome home lollies. Yes...makan puas-puas.

Take note: I must go makan ikan bakar kat Umbai...must...must...

Anonymous said...

silap...QIS bkn DIS.... Skolah Sha pun penuh jugaks..

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

1. Kalau sapa-sapa ada PS1 second hand nak jual, tell me. Me want to play games too, so are my kids. Games are good for hands-eye coordination.

2. I talk and chat to everyone on the dining table, wife and kids inclusive. When I was a kid (primary school) I used to have the habit of bringing books/magazines to the dining table. Sekarang tak lagi.

Mama Rock said...

lollies, welcome home...dah 2 minggu lebih tak blog hop sebab closing and now baru read your entry. in case you're around klcc vicinity give me a call - will msg you my number later. maybe can meet up for a cuppa...kejap pun ok je.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, kata kucing saya sambil memakai baju bare-back. Since you've displayed your number, can I call U, kata ikan puyu. (Kelihatan kucing Ray sedang mendail nombor Lollies sambil memegang ikan puyu).

ray and the kl cats

Anonymous said...

wei..jelesnya i dengar!! anyway.. have fun!! *still jeles* hehehe

m.u.l.a.n said...

kids here dah start main psp.. malas i nak layan, ps2 pun takde dalam kepala i lagi..

selamat kembali.. nanti tunggu i kat klia ya.. ha ha..

anne said...

welcome home!

Sya said...

Selamat kembali Lollies