Thursday, March 20, 2008

Power Suit

When I was working, my office was always involve with Secretariat job especially when we need to venture with similar departments from overseas companies. Somehow, my boss always insists that all the engineers do the PR job as well even though the company actually has a PR department.

Anyway there was this one time that my task was to make sure all the delegates that arrive in KLIA are safely tuck in the appropriate limo and be sent to a hotel in Malacca ready for our tender evaluation the next day.

I put on one of best power suits that day. A black top from Edmundser, sleek and sharp. And a long pencil skirt also from Edmundser. I believed I look good. very fofessional. Black always make me look good (read slimmer) and serious looking. I put on my black heels. First because black matches my all- black suit and the heel is in the hope that I look tall or at least taller. Put on my white pearl short necklace, simple stud white earings and a small simple pearl brooch on the lapel.

Yup! I look good alright. In the boardroom armed with the appropriate jargon, I could kill some members for sure.

I got to KLIA on time, another fofessional attitude. And you know what, when you think you look good, it will definitely show on your face. You feel confident. When I walk, I feel attitude. Yeah! Strut it baby. It must have shown so much, that I notice some people were taking second look at me. Ehem! Ehem! Definitely a feel good day that day.

Apparently there were alot of "fofessional" people in KLIA that evening. Many guys in all black loitering about. And there again, some guys are looking and smiling at me. All these "fofessional" guys. Ooohhh memang betullah aku nampak smart hari tu.

The delegate's plane was delayed and I had to wait longer. Agghh bosanlah kerja ni. And even when the plane has arrived, this important delegate decided to shop at the duty free. Arrghh lagilah bosan.

But to make the day, one of this fofesional guys came and chat with me. Mr. Pro his name. He asked, "kerja mana?". I said Tee Enn Bee. "Eh? Tee Enn Bee? Hotel mana tu"

Apa bengap mamat ni? So I told him the full name of this glorious company.

"Ohhhh. Ingat kerja hotel tadi."

Then only I looked a round. So many people in all black, waiting at the arrival section. Some holding placard, either the name of the person they are waiting for or the hotel's name. The dude from Ritz is the smartest one, I must say. he was wearing a really handsome vest.

Anyway..godamnit. I am in this powerful all black suit, looking ready to roar. Now I really look like on of the hotelier people. Forget roaring, I couldn't even meow. Suddenly I feel that I can't shoot anyone. I have lost my mojo. And all the hotel people start getting friendly with me which at that time wasn't at all flattering. Wrong suit! Get me out of here now!!!

And there was the other time, I wore one of my other best suits. A red jacket and a matching red pants. SSSSiiizzling I tell you. i went to the bank, then one of the guards who is always chatting with me anyway, finally probably had the courage to ask. "Ooohh anak ni kerja kat jaya Jusco eh?" And then images of Siti Nurhaliza as the spokesperson of Jaya Jusco kept popping in my mind. I refrain from going to Mid valley that day. Afraid of being mistaken as a Jusco personnel.

Another time I wore my orange batik kebarung. i don't like that material so much but since lover gave it to me, I wore it anyway. I had a conference at Sunway that day. Upon entering the big banquet hall, i scanned the seats to look for familiar faces. So that i could chat rather than hear the lectures. Ahaks! As i was about to walk, a man stopped to ask something that I can't remember. But his question was something a secretariat could answer. i looked around and as expected, the secretariats were all wearing orange kebaya/ kebarung or baju kurung. Aggghhhhh. Bencinya.

This is very akin to people mistaken you as the waiter when you are donning your best white shirt and black pants. Or even worst, your new organza is the same as someone's table cloth. I went home and changed that very minute!

dorothyOver here you might want to avoid those fabrics with either thin narrow stripes or small checkered of pastel coloured materials like the one Dorothy wear in the Wizard of Oz for example.

These are the favourite material and pattern for the maid's uniform here. They sell it ready made at carefour. Regardless that you know your shirt is a Chanel. But if you still insist, and when someone ask you where your mama (the endearment for maid's boss here) is or shoo you because you cannot stand at that spot, don't come back running and complaining to me.


KakNi said...


Tu yg bengang tu kan Lollies... aduih.. ingat dah best dress dah tu...

KakNi said...

ini saya lah - ni from shah alam

atiza said...

I knew the feeling, babe. Haritu aku pun terkena masa pergi sekolah anak aku during registration day..since i didnt take leave on that day, aku pakai la baju opis..

Parents greeted me 'Selamat Pagi Che'gu'..I guess I need to change my spec la.. hahaha (read: tak mengaku tua)

Ummi said...

He he he.. a good one.. i pun pernah terkena..macam dah corporate look sangat..orang ingat sales girl..kikiki.. also in baju kurung..orang ingat I cikgu masa kat sekolah..

Buzy ke? Lama tak update. I couldn't hear your voice properly lagu sayang2 ibu tu.. streamyx giler..took ages to download.

sare @ syah said...

kelakar sungguh! moral of the story, dun wear matching baju dan seluar. hehe.

silversarina said...

nak ketawa akak baca entry ni ... selamat akak pakai jubah hitam... orang memang selalu teka akak cikgu... yelah ex pun cikgu jugak... hehehe.

Lollies said...

atiza - kira complimentlah tu orang ingat kau cikgu sebab cikgu cikgi selalu pakai smart.

ummi - tulah. in the hope to make the employee look smart, the rest of the civilians are reduced to extravagant clothes to not look like them. hu hu hu

busylah jugak sikit-sikit.

sare - wei lama tak dengar cerita. hahahah. dont wear matching top and pants. ingat tu. for guys have to be careful withdark blue kalau tak nampak macam polis.

kak rina - he he saya tulis balik pun saya tergelak.

m.u.l.a.n said...

sabor je la.. i suka sangat dok pakai baju kurung kedah batik cotton, orang dok ingat i keje club med, ada jugak yg ingat i ni tour guide sebab selalu lepak/nyinggah kat kilang batik my uncle sedara.. sama nyibok tourists dok tandang situ..

Neeza Shahril said...

I sometimes don't really care the way I look (I mean, main hentam aje pakai apa pun). But, when I wear something and people mistakenly think I'm someone who work somewhere which I don't belong, malu gak.. rasa macam tak nak pakai dah baju tu..

Tapi pernah masa I went to 1 govt office (I was holding a file), ada 1 guy tanya, "Cikgu ke?" Duhhh!!!

elle said...

haha..the other day i was wearing purple shirt wif blue jeans n masuk guardian kat mid valley...tetiba ada makcik nih tanya saya 'dik, pad letak kat mana dik? saya dengan blurnya apsal la makcik nih tanya aku plak..tengok keliling rupanya guardian nyer staf punya uniform purple shirt..uwaa..sumpah x pakai purple shirt lagi...