Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day : Batrisyia

When I picked Batrisyia from school the other day, Batrisyia's teacher told me that she wrote something in Batrisyia's message book. It is something about the reading session is cancelled the next day because the kids have a field trip.

That night when I wanted to start with Batrisyia's reading and spelling and maths work, I told Batrisyia to bring to me her bag.

But what Sya did was she first gave me only the reading book.

I said i want your whole bag with everything in it.

Then she brought me her spelling sheet. Without her blue message book.

I said I want your bag Batrisyia.

Then she brought me her bag but still without her blue message book.

Now where is your blue book Batrisyia?

She immediately said, there is nothing new in the book. Nothing. Mrs. Carla didn't write anything.

Huh? Why is she acting defensive?

"Batrisyia", I said, giving her a really angry look narrowing her eyes on her. You don't want to give me this look. Ever! "Mrs. Carla just told me she wrote something for me. Bring me the blue book now!"

I could almost swear Sya turned white when I said this.

Ho ho ho ho. Look who is caught with her pants down. Naughty little Sya was caught lying to me.

Then she guiltily gave me the book. "Stand there." I said. I slowly read the message and frowned just for the drama. Of course the message still say about canceling the reading session.

I turned to Sya and asked her, "What did you do?"

She slowly told me that at school she used Zoe's (her classmate) pencil and Mrs.Carla told her to use her own. Eh? That's all. I think she must have thought that since Mrs. Carla told her to use her own pencil (probably in a stern tone), I would be angry at her. "Why didn't you use your own pencil?" I asked. She said, in my own words, she is lazy to get her own pencil.

"Why did you lie to me then?" I asked her this because the lying part is my greater concern.

No answer. But can you imagine her face? The scared guilty face.

"Really Batrisyia, using Zoe's pencil is nothing compared to lying to me." And suffice to say she got a lecture of lying to me and something that all mothers will found out about their children lying.

Mothers have 100 eyes and millions of senses.




KakNi said...

Why? I still don't understand.

Maybe dia takut ko perasan dia guna pencil org lain tak... dahsyat la kalau ko boleh perasan tu (ko ada 100 eyes?!)... tp may be dia tak tau yg kita tak akan perasan bende cam tu, takut sungguh dia... cian pulak...

Lollies said...

nooo. aku tak tau pun apa dia dah buat. In fact I had to ask. Yang aku tau is she has something that she is trying to hide since she actually said mrs carla didn't write anything in the blue book whereas I knew beforehand that her teacher wrote something. she thought mrs carla wrote that she was using someone else's pencil.

if you can recall the last time her teacher wrote something was when she did something wrong.

So she being defensive like that prompted me to feel that there is something wrong. And that is what I meant we have hundred eyes and million senses. We don't have to be there to know that something is not right, we can "feel" it. The phrase is metaphoric.

Cherry said...

you and your 100 eyes ...

Lollies said...

heh heh, ingat lagi awak.

Anonymous said...

alah comelnya... dia takut kena marah sebab guna pencil orang lain??
i wouldn've laughed so much.. tapi yes lying to mom is never a good idea.
i remember my sister masa kecik kecik, punyalah takut kena marah because she broke my pencil. jangan cakap mama tau! tau?!
then when my mother asked where's my pencil of course lah story came out kan, syira patahkan! and then dia punyalah panic, mata besau takut kena marah. tapi mama tak marah pun. hehehehe.

ZazaHardy said...

awwwwww.. sya.. sya. so adorable, even with a guilty face pon for sure lagi la adorable.

(p.s: i know i've said this once or twice before, but you capture REALLY good photos. i love and admire each and every single one of them)

oh, you look absolutely beautiful with your new look! i'm sure you're beautiful inside and out lollies!

love always,