Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day : Haziq

I have been slightly cross with haziq a few times. Mostly because he did something , which I can't remember what it was, but definitely something that deserve to be barked at. Many times after that I told him casually that you should come and apologise to me. But he never did.

Last week, i got cross with him again. Again couldn't remember what it was about. i told him sternly after that, I am waiting for you to come and apologise.

he did not.

I even heard Sya told him, when are you going to say sorry to ibu. i didn't hear his answer though.

So last Sunday, which coincidentally was mother's day, I called him after maghrib prayer. I was alone in the room still in my telekung and on the sajjadah. (pergh macam dramalah pulak).

I talked to him about apologising to me whenever he did something wrong that is whenever I am cross with him. I told him, a mother's forgiveness and blessings must always be seeked by a child. For without it, life is without barakah. I am not sure about this actually. But there are countless stories (which I didn't narrate because I need to be sure of the actual story. Kalau cerita tanggang tu macam overlah pulak. Plus I told him the story before) of a child who has difficulty to die even because his mother did not forgive him for his wrongdoing. It's time to collect these stories. Can you pass me the stories, if you have any?

Don't let ego overcome you.The longer you wait, the harder it'll become. And believe me not, if these continue to repeat, they will become habit that will turn as a norm. And what am I then? Just another person in your life? You have been saying about kissing the heaven under my feet. Now Haziq, this is what it meant. My blessings. A mother's approval.

I want you to remember what I said today forever. Even when you are old. When you are 50. Even when I am not around in the world anymore.

Haziq cried.

I think he will be alright.

It is just the sign of the emerging teenagehood.



Rd said...

Hi Lollies!

I share your feelings. I just scolded my daughter last night and because I was so fumed at her for many things she did, not only she cried, I was also tearful haha!!!

nice :=)

IbuHaziq said...

saya baca entry ni saya pulak yang nangis....huhuuu....

i like the way you reason out to Haziq.... :)

cl said...

A lot of ego to do that(appologise), naturally when he grown up. Scolded effect nothing n what u did is a right thing, esp during teenager. He didnt even bother how laud you shout, scream....coz deep inside his heart(insyallah bukan haziq...i mean general ya:P) he will feel satisfed by just be silent.

Happy Mother's day.......

p/s: for sure i will cry if my mum talk like that

elle said...

cam nak nangis after reading ur terngiang-ngiang kat telinga nih as if my mom yg ckp mcm tuh..
happy mother's day..;p

atiza said...

ah...finally i have friends in that phase tuh..tapi aku rasa haziq ok..InsyaAllah..

Lollies said...

rd - ohh we mothers.can we be angry with them for long?

ibuhaziq - Alhamdullilah dia pun faham.

cl - Most of the time slow talk and good reasoning are what they need and what hit them where it should. Insya Allah.

elle - oh huugggsss.

atiza - hah! what is your storylak? boleh aku timba pengalaman kau pulak.