Monday, July 14, 2008

10 years and err nine months ago


Haziq is 10 today. Alhamdullilah. Bless that child.

He is still the same chatty and gelabah child I know. But I think he is more selective in his conversation and do not necessarily strike a conversation with everyone now.

He is doing well in his studies, topping best for maths and science and top three for the rest of the subjects. He was in his school play as the Gatekeeper in the Wizard of Oz and did extremely well. he was funny and very relaxed. A real turn of character for him. See some pictures HERE. Haziq still has a very strong memory. He can retain lots of things. Hmm..I wonder how best we can nurture him eh.

You can tell, I am happy with him.

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But today I want to tell you a story about the day I found out I am pregnant with him. Him being my first, everything about him is really a newfound experience. I remembered doing my self pregnancy test and finding out that I was positively pregnant. Oh how thrilled I was! I was skipping inside out.

But of course I want to be doubly positive so the next day I went to the dispensary near my office. The thing is, I didn't have a car then. My lover was using it. We were sharing car between us.

But I must must must go to a somewhat doctor. Pee myself in a little container so that someone can check them and confirm that I am really really pregnant. Sure I can wait and see other clinics near my house. But nooooooooooo I must must must check it now. during office hour for I cannot contain this excitement any longer.

Hmm I must borrow someone's car. tap tap tap. who? who?

Hmm then I saw mosh. Mosh is also a fellow blogger in the efx (but now efx is down or defunct, so he is a lost blogger). ANyway Mosh was my ex colleague and at that time he had a car. Even though it was a borrowed car. Still he had a car.

So I asked to borrow it, and he said yes.

But then he also managed to ask me why am I going to the dispensary.

I really do not understand myself during those years you know. It was 10 years and nine months ago. I was always suspicious of people. I was always thinking that people can read me. And at that time, I was guessing that mosh knew I was pregnant and perhaps perhaps he was going to blurt it out to everyone. I was like that bad smeagol thing. Always suspicious.

So in defense I retorted and said something like aku punya pasallah. apa kau sebok. or what i said I don't really remember. What I know was, it was quite rude.

I did, without shame, took his key though and drove to the dispensary.

Really looking back, I think I would hate myself. Why Mosh didn't hit my head escapes me. All I could say is I got a tummy ache and let go a fart in his cubicle and that would have been easier and perhaps funnier if not unladylike. But I just had to shout at him.

Anyway..why am I writing this? It just occurs to me, that each time I write something about Haziq, mosh would never fail to remind me of my rude manners. he would say something like..oh I still remember when someone someone wanted to borrow my car to the dispensary or something to that effect.

So today 10 years and nine months later I am making a public apology to Mosh for shouting at him and being suspicious of his goodself when really I should be sweet mannered especially when I wanted to borrow his car. I should not have done what I did. I am sorry.

So hopefully for haziq's next next birthday, I won't find Mosh repeating the same line against me. That is if he can find in his heart a way to forgive me. Hu hu hu.

And also 10 years and nine months ago I was 7 kilos lighter.


Intan Saleh said...

haziq starts to look more and more like u. :)

and 10 years ago i was like u 10 years ago.. hehe..

KakNi said...

Kelakar giler eh Lollies nih... dah le nak pinjam keta org tp eksen pulak tu!


Anonymous said...

Ni muka ibu ni.. sejuk tau.. anyway he's such a handsome boy.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear haziq!
ibu has done her job really well. :)

next time jumpa mosh i must ask him about this incident heh heh.

Nadia said...

happy birthday haziq...

maybe you nak cover line kot time tu.. creative idea plak tak dtg.. so just randomly throw sarcastic hoping mosh shut his mouth... tapi still not a very good action.. hehhee..

Lollies said...

intan - at least 10 years ago you were teenager. my ten years ago was your age now. eeeii buruk laku aku. apa2 pun let's move to the betterment

akuni - tulah eksyen nak mampus. tak malu tu ambik gak kereta orang.

ummi - tengah belek muka si haziq. muka saya ke?

famy - hahahah. tanyalah si mosh tu. mesti dia teringat

mamarawks - tengah tunngu mosh komen ni. apa agaknya dia nak cakap. huwaaa

mosh said...

you know, everytime you describe haziq's achievement, it reminds me of alyssa. maybe because i "perasan" that there are a lot of parallels between them. being the first child is one of them.

err why the sudden public apology? malu la i. fyi, i have made a resolution the last time i commented on that (again) and you replied as such that i would never comment about it again ahahaha! i may not have forgotten but definitely forgiven long time ago ehehehe. especially now that i have experienced pregnancy hormonal change (second, not first hand), you have more reason to be acting as such la.

alamak terlebih panjang lak. but then the entry is dedicated to me kan? :D

Anonymous said...

From the photo I can see rupa Haziq mcm you ya Lollies. he..he..jumpa you pun tak pernah kan.

Any how turning 10yo mcm dah bujang kan. I imagine him as the next angkasawan...rupa sudah ada bijak pun bijakkan..kan...kan.

Happy Birthday to Haziq

Neeza Shahril said...

Happy Birthday to Haziq the handsome boy.. muka dia macam muka mama dia..
errr.. Haziq, auntie ada anak dara tau.. hahahaha!!! pepandai aje nak match2..

agaknya you jadi marah cam tu sebab angin pregnant kot..

zan said...

1st thing tengok gambar dia, sebiji mcm you laa lollies.

Happy birthday haziq :)

He's such a smart boy and is so lucky to have a great mum like you.

Mosh - mmg entry nie utk you laaa..cuba kira berapa byk perkataan mosh compare to haziq hehehe...

Jo Kontan said...

Lolleeetah .

I think I may know who's Mosh.

Okay dork ? :-)

m.u.l.a.n said...

happy birthday haziq!!!!

oh sudah pulang ka malaysia ka? enjoy..!!!

happy belated anniversary..!!

Anonymous said...

good memory eh?
i remember Haziq coming to my house for raya then dia cakap dia pernah datang before, sebab sama bunga orkid ke ape. hahaha.
anyway, happy birthday haziq!

أم الليث said...

dah approaching teenagehood dah ni!

he is the definition of pride and joy eh? :)

kelaka la cerita you marah mosh tuh.

Theta said...


Happy belated birthday to Haziq.

He shares the same birthday with my twin's husband and my two sisters-in-law. Go figure.

Yeah I agree with Intan, Haziq looks more like you. :)

Cherry said...

time flies. dah besar anak ibu mata seribu.


Nina Zan said...


yeah you should've farted and left.

pastu? camna u bagitau truthfully to pinkman, eh spotty, the reason u pinjam keta dia?

Happy Birthday Haziq! Not sure whether he looks like you or not. I forgot how you look... kena jumpa ni. *wink wink*

Lollies said...

mosssshhhhh - uhuk uhuk. sorry lambat reply. gua baru balik dari pd bercuti2 bersama2 anak2 dan ayahku.

anyway, eh what did i reply in the comment eh yang menyebabkan u membuat resoution to stop reminding me of my rudenes self? hmm not something rude I hope. uhuk uhuk.

why the public apology? hmm hmmm pasal i dah tua kot. heh heh.

i memang save haziq's besday to write this. so this entry is for you.

Lollies said...

butterflutter - kalau gitu kita harus bertemu. hmm bila nak berjumpa gang2 ni semua ya?

neeza - he he dan anak data you pun manis kan?

hmm sebenarnya tak payah tunggu ngandung, i memang pemarah orangnya. tak percaya tanyalah si mosh tu. *malu*

zan - mak oi semuanya kata macam muka I. tapik asal i rasa I lebih kut. hahahahahha

jokontan - ya ka you kenal? he he. mosh sila kasi confirm.

Lollies said...

mulan - dan sudah mat kenyang jua. hari ini makan kenny rogers sebab kat sana tak ada. dah lepas craving.

nutty - tulah. perplex betul haziq ingat rumah sapa sampai sekarang i tak tau. tapikan i teringat yang i call you dari jauh masa nak datang rumah you. heheheh

ummi layth - so far so goodlah si haziq tu. let's pray that he will be a good person ina ll aspects yang good good.

kekadang ada angin i suka tulis kesah2 kebodohan lama (dan masih) I

theta - mesti mereka semua tu bagus belaka. hehehe

ninuk - hahahhaha. mata seratuslah. banyak betul mata tu

nina -entah apa i cakap. i buat donno je kot. tapi he got the privilege of being the first to know i was pregnant.

eh mesti jumpa mesti jumpa. hmmm bila eh selasa 29 julai ok kpt? nanti diskas

mosh said...

ehehehe. nothing much le. you said something like i've mentioned it before je. Not rude in any perceivable way.

kalau setakat tau jokontan punya nama je, kind of difficult to reaffirm. jo orang KD? alamak takkan neighbour kot ehhehe.

to neeza, memang dia ni macam tu. dah immune dah :D

p/s: i have a new home here. Silalah update reader anda. sob! sob! sob! byee efx2blogs.

superunknown said...

oh i nearly miss acara tahunan ini. happy birthday haziqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq!!!

Allah bless u!!!

mummy's sweetheart, protector, leader to be always!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday haziq
july 18 ke birthday dia ??
ada gathering ke efx2 nanti do let me know eh