Sunday, August 05, 2007

And Haziq became Nine

There is a lot about Haziq lately eh?

Anyway he became nine on the 14th July. The same day Gartblue turned older.

He is still the same boy in a way. Except with more knowledge than the previous year (perhaps?). Unlike me, he gets along with nearly everyone. He can speak both Malay and Enlish well. So in Qtar for instance, some kids only speak Malay and some kids only speak English and he can join any group, whereas the two groups rarely join each other. If you were drawing a venn diagram, he is the label where the two or maybe three curves lap. He avoids rougher boys though. He is not a toughie.

He is still an extrovert. With stories to tell and imagination to narrate.

Oh the other day we watched Harry Potter together. He said he liked the part when Harry was teaching his friends the spells. I said bravo. Teaching is a good way to learn more. it seems to leave an impact on him. We'll see.

Other than that he is a happy nine year old boy. Err I said man earlier eh? Heh heh

Anyway I invited a few friends for Haziq's birthday the other day. It was more of a gathering with a few of my ex officemates who happen to have young kids like mine. So I cooked a bit and had little silly games with the kids.

here are some pics. CLICK HERE

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loveujordan said...

Selamat harijadi Haziq.... I could see he's going to be a fine young boy/man , InsyaAllah.

Halley said...

Happy Birthday Haziq! Eh.. ni mcm rumah kat Bukit Jelutong!

Theta said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your eldest wise boy!
Funnily enough, 14th July marks the birthdays of my twin's hubby and my two sister-in-laws! :)
But they are nothing of the same....

Lollies said...

rina - insya Allah

halley - tapi ianya bukan di situ. misteriiiii

theta - really that many 14th July? wow!