Sunday, March 08, 2009

Belajar itu nombor one

From the news that I read or heard or watched, I noticed that the Palestine people put school and learning in general as their utmost importance. Just a few days after the recent ceasefire, the kids are crowding the school again. Subhanallah! This spirit is just truly amazing!

I can never imagine myself sending my kids to school after terrible war where I have lost my husband, my sons, my neighbours and knowing some of the teachers are dead and many of their school friends are gone. In fact I can never feel that life can go on as normal. And the need of education when the country's future and my own future seems bleak. This is post war! Everything is ruin!

Dr Azh@r gave a lecture the other day about his recent experience in Gaza. He confirmed that the people there are very resilient and their spirit is nothing like what we can never imagine. Life goes on. And they make the most of what we have and even better. Their education institution is just amazing. masya Allah. And everyone takes education very seriously despite bad seemingly seem to pour on them for what seem like forever.

My lover's friend who is from Palestine told my lover, he remembered when he was little, if you have little fever you still have to go to school. Sick is nothing compared to the loss of one day not learning. Because at anytime when war is on they would have lost their school time anyway. So they savour all they can.

I looked at some photos. Subhanallah! So the school is ruin. Mafi mushkila (no problem. Please learn this word already for I will use it often). We'll teach in a makeshift tent. No tent? Mafi mushkila. We'll teach in open air. teacher is dead. O! Allah make their death a syahid. Forgive their sins. Mafi muskila. Others will come in to teach.

I am at awe at their woman really. The mothers who drive and push their kids to the betterment of their education. I have always believed that mothers are the anchor person to ensure this. It saddens me to see our people who live peacefully and having children who do not care about their education nor their future life. Future here I mean both world and hereafter.

I, for one, can learn a lot from their strength and their spirit. This reminds me of the strength of the mother of Imam Bukhari. The mother of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Women who raised their children single handedly and their children became great scholars.

More name throwings. May we all learn from these great women.

Zubayr ibn Al Awaam was indebted for his greatness to his mother Safiyah bint Abdul Mutallib, who instilled in him the good qualities and distinguished nature

Ali bin Abi Taalib received wisdom, virtue and good character from his distinguished mother, fatimah binti Asad

Abdullah ibn Ja'far, the chief of the Arab generosity and the noble of the youths, lost his father at an early age. It was his mother Asma' bint Umays who took care of him and instilled him in his virtues and noble characteristics,and she herself became one of the great women of Islam.

Imam Ash-Shafiee. he never saw his father who died whilst he was still a babe in arms; it was his mother who took care of his education.

Quoted from The Ideal Muslimah: Dr. Muhammad Ali al Hashimi

I am not saying this as not to recognise the father's role in the children's upbringing. I am highlighting this because I just realised how important we, the women, are in shaping our children. Sure we know all this, it's becoming a cliche. I am just wondering whether I myself have the real spirit to drive.

To all my female friends. I call this the true woman power. Behind the success of your child, is a strong woman. May we be the strong woman ourselves.


disturbia said...


I do agree with you. Women do play an important role in their children's upbringing and education. Hopefully all women will realize this.

nutty said...

just in time. happy international women's day. :)
semalam la, tapi sempat jugak. :)

masdiana said...

very true. to upbring righteous kids, we must be righteous moms first. may Allah make it easy for us moms to be righteous, + raise righteous kids, + change our family, neighbours, community + country to be righteous insyaAllah. :-)

Lollies said...

disturbia - I hear you are in the education field? :)

nutty - wehei! how apt! memang i post ni untuk womna's day pun. err when is it again? :P

diana - Ameen ameen ameen

butterflutter said...

A very big responsibilities. Kena make sure both dunia & akhirat jalan sekali.Sama-samalah kita berusaha.

zan said...

undeniably we play an important role, insyallh semoga dipermudahkanNya...

happy women's day albeit dah terlepas heheh..

elisataufik said...

betul betul betul..!!

Mak Israa (the child I sponsor tu), kerja jadi cleaner aje, tapi dia MAKE SURE semua anak2 dia pegi sekolah.
I always tell her (and my kids) that they can take your money, house, your land, but they will never take away your knowledge, your skill. So, belajar betul2!

p/s eh I nak bertapa at your blog untuk beberapa hari untuk membaca your Oman posts.

~akuni~ said...

Lollies. Very good.

Lollies said...

BF - very big indeed. no play play. First we must check ourselves and instill continuous learning. Insya Allah, the semangat will brush on them. Make us a role model they want to follow.

zan - let's all put efforts into it, Insya Allah

elisa - I am sure you can see first hand how strong their women are. I am at utmost repsect for them who hold strongly to their deen and those who strive for the betterment of their children, family and society.

hahahha.. i hope the info lapuk tu helps you. :D

akuni - thank you. Hope you find it beneficial.