Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jack-Jack banyak Cakap

generalI was making a road direction map on the power point earlier, when Jack came up behind me. he looked at my sketch. And then commented, "Your traffic light is upside down. The red should be on top and the green should be at the bottom. the orange is fine though."

Eh ya ka? Bukan green on top ke?

This confirms that some of my memory cells are depleting. Too many bad sectors. I really cannot remember the arrangement of the colours anymore.

He even brought me a book to prove his findings! Oklah oklah.

We were at the clinic yesterday. While waiting for the ubat, he started a game of guess-what-animal-is-this? He started with asking us to guess an animal with four legs, orange in colour and has black stripes.

Then I asked him an animal with two strong legs and has a pouch on his tummy. Sometime there is a baby in the pouch. he doesn't know this by the way.

Then he asked, "What has two legs and has a face that is like peach or brown and talks."

I guessed,
monkey? no.
Chimpanzee? No
Gorilla? No
Parrot? No
Then what?

It's you! Pointing to me.
Cis! Boleh ke ini macam punya soalan?

jackI asked Jack
"Do you love me?" (soalan standard lah ni)

"How do you know you love me?"
"Because I always kiss you."

"Where is this love that you feel?"

"Where do you feel it? In your eyes?"

"In your ears?"

"In your mouth?"
"No." he was eating while I am bombarding him with these questions.

"Where then?"
Still munching, he pointed to his stomach.

"In your tummy?"

I must say that is quite close to his heart. He is a fine boy indeed.

On another thought, I am getting to him through his stomach.


Anonymous said...

the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is really applicable to jackjack! LOL.

I like his question about you though. very loyar buruk though he must have not meant as such and I imagined him to be very innocent like with that Q.


IbuHaziq said... cute and at the same time mencairkan.... :)

Nina Zan said...

nonah.. someone said, who ever said 'men's heart is through his stomach' is aiming 5 inches too high.


lolls, terasa macam nak gomol plak dak jack jack ni. At least dia jawab la jugak bila Ibu tanya. Kalau dak Naim tuh.. dia jawab yes sekali lepas tu dia buat deeeerk je. Another soalan standard: Nanti bila ibu dah tua, Naim bley jaga Ibu tak?


on another note.. brown or peach aye? hmm....

Juliana said...

so..sweeeeeeeeeet. Been ur silent reader all this while. Salam.

Lollies said...

nonah - sungguh loyar. yang aku pulak pi teka monyet lah segala.

ibuhaziq - kids kan? they are he best thing to us.

nina - hahahhaha. aim for the stomach and work down. aku rasa aku more of a brown to burnt.

juliana - salam. nice to hear from you once in a while. :)

butterflutter said...

Ala comel jackjack ni. Kita ibu2 ni suka sgt tanya soalan cepu emas kan..kan...

famyGirl said...

awwww... pandai jackjack kasik ibu cair.

BabyBooned said...

correct lah right, the way to a man's heart is always through his tummy what.. hehehe

disturbia said...


jackjack is so sweet.. hhehehehe

mommy@lif said...

oh what can i say.. every time datang jenguk sini, x pernah disappointed!

LOL to rotidua's comment..and congrats to haziq btw (tumpang bangga boleh?) and psstt.. jackjack is so comel!!!