Monday, March 30, 2009



Insya Allah we will be going for umrah. We plan to leave this Thursday, Insya Allah. We will be driving enroute Doha-not a known stopping destination yet-Mekkah-Jeddah-Madinah-Riyadh-Doha. Doha to Makkah is approximately 1,500km. We will be going with the Faths.

Alhamdullilah we have received the relevant documentation. I am praying hard to be accepted as Allah's guest. Labbayk Allah..

Anyway, the plan is to leave this Thursday. I made a mistake on taking account of the children's holiday. I checked the school's website and it says the school ends on the 1st April. Thus leaving on the 2nd April sounds really good. I only realised, after doing the arrangement, that it is actually a 2010 calendar. *DOINK!*

Since the arrangements are made and changing dates would involve other parties and taking leave of sort, I had to sacrifice the children's 1 week school days. I am just grateful that by then the exam is over. (It's exam week now)

So I was saying, we are planning to leave this Thursday and drive as much as we (and I mean the men, since I cannot take turn to drive in case he gets sleepy. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi) can. We will stop, Insya Allah, at any small motels which are quite aplenty on Saudi roads, Insya Allah.

The next day, after hopefully a good rest, we will drive off to the town Taif. We anticipated that we will reach there sometime around Isya'. We will go off to Qarn un Manazil which is the meeqat (the place to pronounce the niyah for umrah for people coming from the Najd area i.e. the arabian planes). Qarn Un Manazil is about 75km to Makkah.

We will take shower there, put on our ihram garments and do the necessary. Make niyah and proceed with talbeeyah all the way to Makkah. I can almost imagine the feeling. Even the little simulation we had are uplifting. *tak sabaaaaarrr*

Insya Allah we plan to perform umrah on the very same night. May Allah make it easy for us.

We plan to stay in Makkah for a few days. We will leave for Madinah on the 7th Insya Allah stopping at Jeddah to hunt for books. This is a bit of side track. More of taking opportunity that is. Insya Allah the english islamic book selections in Saudi are more varied and not to mention cheaper.

Then we will leave for Madinah and stay up to the 9th. I wish we can stay longer. :(. It's okay. I am more grateful for this opportunity if Allah wills that we go.

We will then leave for Riyadh on the 9th and will go hunt down Mak Nenek's (a fellow blogger. Very famous with her banner design) house. Mrs Fath is planning for ikea. Me? Another round of book hunting would be good too. <--- sungguh over.

Okay this entry is edited. We have made a bit of change in the plans. Instead of going straight back to Doha with the Faths on the 10th, we will split. He will drive to the South back to Doha while I will drive up to the North to Elisa's. :D

Thus status quo is we will depart to Doha on the 11th.

The trip look too short to me now.

Friends, do pray for our safe journey and that Allah make things easy for all of us.


Diah said...

mudah2an lancar perjalanannya ya lollies... Amien.. :)

azGROWLen said...

mudah-mudah diberkati Allah. Safe driving, salam di Makam Rasulullah and (if remember make doa for me). FYI antara tempat2 mustabab doa - at hijir ismail under pancur emas, di makam ibrahim, antara hajar aswad and pintu kaabah, raudah. In case you need help in Makkah - call Ustaz Ahmad Syairazi +966507529053. Let me know also if you require contact in Jeddah. wassalam

Nusayba said...

MasyaAllah. I'm envious that you are going earlier. :)

May you have a safe journey, and share with us enlightening stories later on.

May Allah bless you and your family and may your trip be a fruitful one insyaAllah.

masdiana said...

Have a safe + fruitful trip insyaAllah. May He accept from you + from us, ameen.
Klu g Darussalam + you're buying lotsa books + lotsa ppl kirim, do get a receipt. My mistake last time, borong byk giler + ada org pesan gak, + the more you buy the more discount dia kasik, tp bila balik rumah nak kasik kat org2 yg pesan dah tak tau berapa harga benda yg dikirim. :-)
+ if I may say, kalu ada org ckp kirim salam kat Rasul saw. at his maqam (don't know if that what you mean azGROWLen), please don't do that - it's a bid'ah.He's dead - being at his maqam + giving him salam doesn't make it any 'clearer' than if you were to give salam from anywhere around the world - you'd still get his intercession insyaAllah. :-)

butterflutter said...

Nak ikut....Ala nak kirim buku jugak. I doakan semuanya selamat utk Lollies dan rombongan.

zan said...

auww..bestnya..i'm praying that u'll have a smooth journey :) Amin!

Lollies said...

Diah - thanks for the dua. :D

azgrowlen - I will make dua for you, Insya Allah. We won't be stopping long at Jeddah. More to hit the famous street of books and then perhaps makan depending on the timing and off to madinah quickly. However, if you don't mind giving a contact number it is very much welcomed. Barakallahufik for the info.

PB - ameen ameen ameen to your dua

diana - Jazakillahu Khairan for the tips. Tapi tak ada sapa kirim I buku. Semua dah serbu Farina dulu. Tee he he. In fact I sendiri ada serbu Farina since she knows the Sheikh Jibaly's family per se. Hmm I pray that I do meet farina in Madinah. AT least boleh take off some load from her.

May I add about intercession. Subhanallah! Allah makes things easy for our ummah. The earth itself is a place of worship.

To Insya Allah get the intercession of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w., let us all remember to make the dua wasilah after adhan. We can do this anywhere, Subhanallah.

Book of Prayer

Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 747

‘Abdullah b. Amr b. al-As reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: When you hear the Mu’adhdhin, repeat what he says, then invoke a blessing on me, for everyone who invokes a blessing on me will receive ten blessings from Allah; then beg from Allah al-Wasila for me, which is a rank in Paradise fitting for only one of Allah’s servants, and I hope that I may be that one. If anyone who asks that I be given the Wasila, he will be assured of my intercession.

zan - Saya tak sabar dah ni.

Lollies said...

BF - alamak tertinggal. Apa buku you nak? Do check out the darussalam websites for any particular book. and tell me before thursday. Tee he he. Kalau tak, kasi i no phone you. Tapi tak taulah macamana nak hantar kat you. Kena tunggu orang balik kot sebab nak post mahal amat.

famyGirl said...

*hugs* saya tumpang gumbira. semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan. have a safe trip.

oh oh oh nak kirim buku jugak!! :) since you mentioned murah kan... but i don't have any titles yet, how eh?

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah, Alhamdulillah...!!
Semoga mabrur ya..
Hey check out the Malaysians Living in Saudi Arabia group on FB if you need contacts in Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah.

On a side and more selfish note:
tak sempat singgah khobar eh? *pout* This will be the first springtime we did not spend with your family :P (kan?)
Anyways, bertolak dari Doha pukul berapa? We will be leaving Khobar around 7am gitu, so reach Hofuf for breakfast around 8am gitu. Jom breakfast sama2?

azGROWLen said...

we have an office there; person to contact - Abdul Halim Adnan +966556001090

elisataufik said...


Kita buat pool party for Sya and Izani!!!

NJ@Goboklama said...

semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. :)

Lollies said...

famy - sila refer ke email. :D

elisa - he he he. post sudah di rectify as according to a newer plan.

azgrowlen - barakallahufik. Thanks. Insya Allah kalau ada apa2 hal. Harapnya tak ada apa2 hallah of course.

elisa - :)

gobok - amin. Jazakillahhu Khairan for the dua

Ruby M. said...

cant wait! :) very excited to meet new friends from Qatar. may allah make it easy for you, family and friends. Ameen.

Mc Ani said...

aduh, envy nya saya! ALHAMDULILLAH, syukur di atas jemputan Allah..semoga mabrur! dan di permudahkan segala urusan..I just want one thing, include me in your du'a so that we also dipercepatkan ke sana dan dipermudahkan urusan berkaitan, THANKS!


Lollies said...

mak nenek - I am excited to meet you too. Thank you so much for your prayers Ruby. It is very much needed.

OO - Insya ALlah I will make dua for you. Huuugggss you too.