Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Masih Ada Harapan

Well they say there might still be hope for more people to go for hajj.

First of all the government is applying to increase the number of quotas.

And then there is also the possibility of the ones accepted unable to go. Qadr Allah.

And other divine intervention.

The one glitch is, they made new rules that expats cannot take the plane but instead only by road i.e. bus. I picked the plane as my first two choices and the bus as my third choice. (We have to fill up form and state our preference). I guess a rebel will continue to be one. Now I am a hopeful rebel.

But, this country is also notorious for changing rules whenever they like. So so so, I try lah.

They also said be ready with possibilities. Time is nearing. It is less than a month for people to depart to the Haram. In such that if they call you, you should be jumping and ready with all the documents on the spot.

So we did the obligatory immunisation; meningitis and influenza. Get the no-objection-letter from lover's employer. Err I have not added more abayas though. I'll probably do it tonight. And still going through the books and the notes and uhuk uhuk keeping fit.

Just in case, if Allah wills.



أم الليث said...

I will pray for you as well :)
Exciting nyaaaa!!
Hope you will be among those called last minute.
My aunt pun tengah tunggu last minute call from tabung haji

masdiana said...

InsyaAllah... if it's willed for you to go this year, you'll go this year.

Last 2 yrs we waited up till a week before supposed departure - family from M'sia to look after the kids pun dah sampai - then got the call to say that we're not in. QadrAllahu wa ma sha fa'al. :-)

Unknown said...

How long will you be there if you get to go ya?
Kitorang haritu, 9 days aje, so I bawak abaya sikit aje, 4 ke or something .. and wash them in between (alah basuh gitu2 je).
Plan to basuh baju in Mina, sebab kat situ big probability to berpeluh banyak every time pegi melontar. The others are not so bad.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

haji is such an exciting exciting prospect. sungguh best masyaAllah.

i will pray for u as well!

Lollies said...

aliya - ameen for your prayers aliya. I never knew I can feel this way. Ya Rabb, if You know that it is the ebst for me to go this year than May You grant me this journey.

diana - masa tu kan diana, i tak terfikir langsung how you'd really feel tau. sebaknya

elisa - kalau naik kapal terbang, tak salah i 16 hari. kalau naik bas 20 hari rasanya. so i want to bring more abayalah rasanya. so kat Mina especially tahriq, i tak yah basuh. hahaha boleh tak?

babyboon - pray for me ya. May Allah shower you with good rizq as well.

Anonymous said...

ah! i baru tahu. Alhamdulillah... doa banyak2 insya allah bley pergi. Kalau tak dapat pun don't worry.. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Dills said...

I doakan yg terbaik untuk u...

Sheherazade said...

InsyAllah K.Lollies...Amin