Sunday, November 01, 2009

Waaahhh Kahwin Lagi!

This is my fourth year in D0ha. And already the third walimah that I am directly involved in. :D.

I don't know whether I should be amazed or gasped at the fact, I am already attending many of my friend's children's wedding. It used to be my friend is getting married or my parents friends' children wedding. Man they all grow so quickly. :P Including this I have attended five of them. May Allah bless their marriage.

So this is the third in this country that I also was the official photographer. :D

What's different about this wedding was, the bride wears the niqab. So it seems pretty logical that the photographer (for the bride) is a woman. Thus i am seeing a niche of this kind of services. I also have to be very sensitive to how I handle the pictures. I cannot ask lover's opinion on any of the pictures that has the bride in it. And I found a new liking on doing montages. It was tough not getting a second opinion. So I had to be self critical. But Alhamdulillah the bride (most important!) love the pictures and the montages.

In case you are wondering, the bride wears just like any normal bride would wear. And since this is a complete man and woman segregated wedding, the bride get to wear a really nice wedding dress and do her hair. Something that a even someone who is not wearing a niqab should not wear in front of her non mahram. (tight, transparent and all that). And the photographer get to wear her kebaya (yayyyy) and got her hijab off too. ;p.

I kinda like doing this segregated man and woman thing for weddings. It's melaram time without worry.

It's difficult for me to talk about taking photos but not display any photos in the entry. So I adjusted some pictures, taking out the bride pics and putting other pictures just so I can show something.

nikah montage non mahram

May Allah bless you (your spouse) and bless you and unite both of you in goodness.

Semoga Allah memberkatimu dan keatasmu dan menghimpunkan kamu berdua dalam kebaikan.

So tahun depan ada sesapa nak kahwin atau kahwinkan anak tak? :D


azGROWLen said...

Can photgrapher be in KL? BTW was the bride and groom Malayian?.....................I thought so!. salam. you got mail

Lollies said...

the photographer is currently not available in KL. only available during summer time. Ahaks!

The bride is a singaporean. groom indonesian. Tapi yang menjayakan ramai msian. Hadirin pun begitu jugak.

Mail sudah di balas.

masdiana said...

nice pix. nak tgk lagi... :-)

أم الليث said...

hehehe professional as usual. haah takde ke gambar bride (with niqab) and groom? nak tgk attire :p

seronok kan segregated weddings camtu..all out i tell you. first time i went to this type of wedding i was 7 years old. almost tak kenal bride tu coz sgt melaram hehehehe.

did u know (practising) jewish weddings are always segregated i.e. it's the norm rather than the exception. interesting