Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Selesaikan Kisah Itu

When the season of hajj and umrah comes, the stories of one of the great prophets, Prophet Ibrahim a.s. will be retold. i think one will never get bored listening to the seerah, ever!

I remembered reading the seerah of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. left his wife Hajar and his young child, Prophet Ismail a.s. in the hot deserted desert of Makkah. I remembered reading the part that Hajar begged and begged and asked Prophet Ibrahim a.s. whether he is truly going to leave them there. In a place where are no trace of human. And they have no food with them. And story went on that she pleaded to him and pulled his shirt and cried that he does not go and asked him to reconsider.

As we all know, the story went on that Prophet Ibrahim a.s. left the two of them despite her pleadings. Then of course we know that they run out of food and Prophet Ismael was crying out of hunger, Hajar went running up Safa, went down, and went up Marwah and repeated the cycle seven times, until finally Allah sent an angel which scraped off the earth to allow spring of water, zamzam, to flow.

When I first read this version of the story, I felt uneasy. How can anyone just leave a weak woman and child like this? And of course other stories of Sarah's jealousy and all came in. I was torn in between, believing that all prophets are doing good and the message I understand from this story

Then Allah made me found this hadith,

Hajar asked Ibraheem calmly, "Has Allah commanded you to do this O Ibrahim?" Prophet Ibrahim a.s. said, "yes". And she responded, "Then Allah will not abandon us".
(Part of hadith Sahih Bukhari)

This was an extremely difficult situation: a man left his wife and infant son in a barren land, where there were no water and no people, and went back to the distant land of Palestine. he left nothing with her but a sack of dates and a skin filled with water.

If it were not due to the DEEP FAITH and TRUST in ALLAH that filled Hajar's heart, she would not have been able to cope with the difficult situation. Once she knew it was command from Allah, she had complete faith and obeyed. Can we have faith as strong as this?

Allah was preparing a reason to honour her like the ways she is honoured by million of muslims each year repeating the saei rite in umrah and hajj. Subhanallah. She became the woman who is remembered day and night (the holy city never sleeps) everytime one drinks the zam zam and going through saei, as Hajar did on one of her most tiring/ trying day. (partly quoted from the book Ideal Muslimah)

Really how can one have doubts on Prophet Ibrahim a.s.. One of the greatest Prophets who was given among the greatest tests. And we all know among his tests are his love to Allah and to his family. Prophet Ismael was his first and only son at the time and it was not an easy thing to do. He was tested to leave him at the desert and also later to sacrifice him.

After he left both Hajar and Ismail, he walked on without turning back until he reached Thanoya where they could not see him anymore. he faced the Kaabah and raise his hands, invoked Allah

"O our Lord! I have made some of my off spring to dwell in a valley with no cultivation by Your sacred House in order O our Lord, that they may offer prayers perfectly. Fill some hearts among men with love towards them and provide them with fruits so they may give thanks." Ibrahim 14:37

Which version makes you have more iman to the prophets, the Messengers sent by Allah who goes all the way to obey Allah's commands. Knowing that Allah's test are only for good. And a story to teach you to have tawakkul to Allah?

And which one keeps you wondering on the Prophet's maksum (they are protected from sins and are also reminded of them)?

My opinionlah kan, this part of the hadith must be told each time one narrates the story of Prophet Ibrahim a.s.. Insya Allah we can understand the strength of tawakkul. Understand Prophet Ibrahim's obedience to Allah and the sacrifices he made for His sake. Understand also that Allah does thing with His Wisdom and is preparing for greater goodness and honour.

Oh Allah make it easy for all of us to understand the deen.


masdiana said...

wah 1st to comment! excitednyer! :-D

barakAllahu fik... may we learn from the best of the sources that Allah has given His messenger - the Qur'an + sunnah, rather than quoting unauthentic sources + israiliyats, for they (Qur'an + sunnah) are more than enough with lessons for us to take from insyaAllah.

*hugssss again* mcm tak puas2 hug you. :-)

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

i felt the same way when i heard that hadith. how amazing it is to hear her faith and trust in Allah. it does help to quote the hadith when u tell this story kan. next time i tell it to gib when he's older, i must remember this. thanks ;)

Lollies said...

diana - hehehe. saya baru aje nak cakap, I think you are the only commenter kot.

I thin if we learn the correct source, we would question less and obey more. When things told to us sound incomplete or illogical, we have a natural rebel in the heart. Err i lah tu i rasa.

HUUGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you. May Allah reward you my friend for all your patient in melayanning my questions.

babybooned - this is what we need kan? A lesson to teach us about strong faith. Cerita2 hindustan drama kita tak perlukan. kih kih kih