Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jihad gak ni

It is a jihad for me to be happy and cheerful and understanding and compassionate to this person, who fled from her war torn country, when she is rude and selfish and thinks little about others' difficulties.

It's ok, she had a hard time.
Her hard time shapes her the way she is now. It is not her fault.
Be sympathetic.
You don't really know her.
You could also be in her position. Err ok..

But please, for now, just don't get in my way.

"None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself". (narrated by Bukhari)

May Allah calm my heart.


Mc Ani said...

Allahumma Ameen for your doa.
Take it as part of the tests.

Berbaik sangka dgn orang means also berbaik sangka dgn Allah.

masdiana said...

May Allah reward you accordingly. Keep on asking The Changer of hearts to change us all for the better insyaAllah. Remember Sr Fareeda's class - Allah can remove your problem by changing things or her death or yours. :-) *hugs*

Lollies said...

OO - tests are all around me. i praise Allah for His Guidance and ask for His mercy.

diana - from the little "talk" I gave just now, you can probably tell what kind of person I was and still am. Putting hijab is merely a physical change that one can see. But the jihad in the heart is another issue altogether. The day after her rudeness, I am willing to accept its the colour of the world. I thank Allah that didnt snap back as hard and as quick as I used to. Actually I did reply something because I still cannot stand rudeness. But it was a safe one, Insya Allah. I ask Allah to make me be able to pass these things and brush it since she is also there to learn the deen.

Tapi kalau over, err I still have to sound as a gentle reminder. Harapnya gentlelah reminder tu. :D

carrot cake sangat sedap.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

sister, in my opinion, jihad of the heart is always the hardest. to me, that is. coz this heart of mine is very full of bisikan setan. no kidding.

may Allah guide you in this fight!

Dills said...

Kebetulan bila baca entry ni, saya baru saja didatangi seseorang yg pada saya sungguh rude bila berkata 'Dill baik you keluar bekerja so you wont be brain dead...' err...apa saya duduk dirumah menguruskan rumahtangga tidak menggunakan otak? Tahun 2010 saya ada byk plan untuk diri sendiri lah! Takan nak kecoh seantero dunia. Nanti org kata riak pulak....

May allah calm my heart too.
Buat masa skg ni susah tul nak sabar sbb geram!

Lollies said...

babybooned - with the thought of Allah's rward that those who forgive are among the paradise, strive we must

dills - part yang ni i memang faham. after sometime not working here, i dah tak kesah because i am very busy already not working and Insya Allah my brain is not dead. having projects planned like you said, is the way to do it. *thumbs up*