Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Toy Uolls

Yayyyy my second new toy for the this year. Wopedeeeee!!

And a total surprise pulak tu. Loverku sungguh prihatin of my innate desire.

He must have understood the difficulties I am facing having to cut up the carboards and papers and having in the end crooked lines. Stressful life!

And thus a surprise new toy for me!

I present to you

A PAPER CUTTER. HAHAHAHAHHA! (Cheap thrill I know.)


Photobucket Photobucket


For a more professional looking paper cut. Yapedadidu!!

Now maybe I can start hinting on the handbags again.


azGROWLen said...

kalu blm kahwin bagi perfume, bagi gelang
mula2 kawin bagi lingire (i hope i get spelling correct) bagi intimates
lama2 kawin agi blender, cooker
bila dah sampai stage cutter ; hmmmmmmmmmmmm

mosh said...

sweet! now i can expect a fofessionally-cut raya cards coming my way.

1bloghopper said...

you have a guillotine! just be careful when cutting the papers. there's another type that uses a round blade that rolls over the paper, less dangerous. hehe. of all the stationery in the office, i would like to have a laminating machine the most. dunno why ;)

Anonymous said...

I envy you.

Now you can potong seluar straight cut from home!
Boleh buat kuih gunting dok?
No more tempurung for haircut! layered? not a problem.
Gunting kain langsir pun mudah.

wah endless possibilities.
I demand a paper cutter also!!

Lollies said...

azgrowlen - hahahahha. tapi kalau ini adalah on top of all that can ah?

mosh - rasanya tak kot. unless post from msia. bankruptlah post dari sini. hahahaha

1bloghopper - what? a different model? ahah! boleh demand lah ini macam.

i think i would like to have that laminate thing also. so many cool things can be done.

rotidua - for the moment we are practising cutting nails using this. thumbs up!

masdiana said...

waa... mcm opis la... :-)

Nazrah Leopolis said...

bunyik dia zrappp zraaap best kan?

zan said...

maybe i should give this to hubby or the laminate machine sekali..dari dulu nak beli asyik tak jadi jer..byk fungsi tu lollies :)

screw said...

buat sunat jack2

butterflutter said...

tak kisah lah lols yg penting dia prihati kan..kan...

papabear said...

lollies,paper cutter tu buleh buat pedang samurai :)

Anyway, ari tu u tanya camna i start stop keta. here is the answer: http://bbd.kisahberuang.com/2009/12/30/found-my-car-key/

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

kahkahkahhh.. i swear when i saw your title i thot it would be something supergrand! but heyyyy.. who says fulfilling your loved one's desires aint a grand thing, eh? ;)

Ruby M. said...


Sheherazade said...

ingtkan toy ape tadi ehehe :P
salam tahun baru masihi dear k.lollies

Anonymous said...

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