Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House Hunting

I have been really busy for the past month, week and days. Last month I was mostly busy hunting for houses. We have to get out of this house. Subhanallah after staying for four and a half year, I think it is quite enough.

The mould we had for last umrah was getting worse. Now all the rooms are decorated with moulds on the ceiling and on the wall. And my room is always flooding. We must remember to turn off the main water pipe after taking a shower or using the toilet. And if you have been reading my blog in the past years, you will probably remember all the other problems I had with it. So Khalas! Confirm we are moving out.

And thus the need to hunt for a house.

qatarWe went out every night to view houses or hunt houses. We called any number we could find and met any prospect landlord (agents) we could. After sometime, we became expert in guessing what we will find in each houses and the general price of the house.

We have a few criterion for the house which are (by priority), cewaahh

1. Landed property
I prefer them landed.

2. Near to the masjid
I am living in a country which masajid are plentiful. They are everywhere. So why not take advantage of them. Though some masjids, seemingly near, we still have to take roundabouts or make u turn and all. This is a NO. If it is not a 5 minutes walk, it should be 3 minutes driving. Basically I want to hear the azan fresh from the muezzin's mouth. So SOME people have no excuses. Ahaks!

3. Location wise
Should be very accessible to the kids school and my school. Very important this one. I won't even bat my eyelashes for anything remotely far. Alhamdulillah after staying for nearly five years, I know most areas and can gauge the traffic of the area. Compared to when we first came here. My current house is far from the kid's school but very near to mine.

4. Ample number of rooms
Alaa logiclah kan? Minimum four rooms. And to top it, I like to have a store room to stash mostly our camping stuff and other things. I was also looking for a place with maid's house outside. That way I can use that as a store room.

And other bonus stuff we are looking for

5. Separate majlees
If I could have two separate majlees it woud be very nice. So when I do invite some people over, the men can sit separately from the ladies. I really do like this concept. The current house, I would put the man in Haziq's room and the ladies all over the house. This is ok too. So if the new house at least has one room extra I can use, it'll be very good.

6. A family room
So I can stash my tv, computer and baju tak lipat, tak gosok, threadmill, buku bersepah, bags, handbags and tudung baru pakai tadi malas nak simpan. Currently all are here in my living room cum dining room. Major rimas.

7. A halaman
With a little garden would be very nice. This has been an abandoned hobby for a long time. :(

8. Parking space for the car. So I don't have to park near people's house and getting warning notices from them.

9. And last but not least CHEAP!!!!

Wey I am serious tau!

Anyway, we were quite tired after many days hunting. There are houses we like. Right price. Right size and everything, but they don't want us. Some we really like also, but someone got the house first. Some we really like also but TOO expensive (this one quite often). But still many houses that could be potential but there are just something I don't truly like.

One night we thought of checking out a place. It is slightly off the areas we were scouting. I was not hoping much though. We came and the house had no electricity. We had to use our hp lights to check out the house.

From the darkness, I thought I like the orientation of the house. It seemed nice. Went home made istikhorah. Of course the agent kept telling us, be quick madam, too much people seeing and liking this house. I said, I'll come back during the day.

Come the next day when there is light and I can see clearly. OMG! Pengsan! The house was messy and ALOT of work needs to be done. LIKE ALOT!! But somehow I felt the house was sweet. I said let me see the owner.

We talked. Or rather I talked to their staff : project managerlah, marketing executivelah, engineerlah. Beriya-iya aje rupa.

Then then then, a mixed feeling of finding the house sweet, afraid the sweet house is taken because too much people liking (i am speaking their english here), and also convinved with the company's other works elsewhere...we we we signed up. May Allah make it easy for us.

So itulah dia. We signed up a house and they promised to do rectification work of the house. ALOT of them.

Does this house fulfill the criterion we had? For most of it. Bi Iznillah we get to actually stay there, then All Praises to Allah. Otherwise, Allah knows best and He always wants the best for us, Alahmdulillah. But I ask Allah again and again to make it easy for us.

So sneak preview of the houselah. He he


Hahahhahaha. No lah. That's not the house.

Tafaddhaluu (silakan masuk) ila baiti jadid (to my new house). Or rsther to my house to be



Peri PiA said...

so ur moving,ehehe

ur sense of humor,tak boleh tahan =))

Zaitul said...

terkejut tgk the first picture hahaha...selamat berpindah...

Anonymous said...

That's not a house. That looks like a mansion. hihi

I think i liking the mansion too.

masdiana said...

may Allah make this move easy for you insyaAllah. after that tunggu jemputan housewarming. hahaha...

Lollies said...

ruby - awak tersengih-sengih ke tu?

zaitul - hahahahahhaha. imagine rumah i yang tak ada tingkap tu

rotidua- you too much liking? i too much liking the house.

diana - ameen. housewarming? he he insya Allah bila tak ada kelas dah lega sikit, bolehlah buat open house.

butterflutter said...

oooo...much liking. A lot of potential tu....

Peri PiA said...

indeed :D

eh,btl la mansion not house ehehe

Lollies said...

bf - wehei! when we visited the house teh second time, lover hesitated, because the condition of the house was quite bad. i said to him I see potential. eh samalah kita. he he

ruby - mansion? don't be fooled by the picture. this is those type of houses yang pakai tiang greek ni tapi taklah gah mana pun. (pasal tu ambik gambar angle ni. hahahh)

famyGirl said...

hee hee. mati-mati ingat the first house yang ala-ala castle tu. it's because i bukak screen kecik, so tak nampak ada 2nd picture kat bawah :P

can't wait to see the interior of the house. i'm sure i'll be much liking the house too :)

BabyBooned said...

terkezzzut i tgk first picture tu. dah terpikir nak cakap "are you serious, woman??"... amongst other things :p

alhamdulillah!! mabruk an al-baituki jadid! (mak oi kopaknya arabic i... does that correctly mean "congrats for your new house" or not...?!!)

zals said...

yeah!!! housewarming!!!

u know how to invite me right? i can be reached through Gmail/Gtalk, FB, Blog, HP... so jgn lupa tau ajak!!!!