Sunday, May 02, 2010

Traffic laws

Whoa! Do you know that the fine of those who was caught running over the red lights here is QR6000?!! A big solid QR6000. Enam ribu!! Wow! Along with a 7 demerit points. The maximum demerit points for a year is 14 (or was it 15?). And busting the demerit points may cost you suspension of your license or jailed or both.

PhotobucketSo one must think twice before you want to ramp your accelerator when one sees the yellow light. What more if you ramp your accelerator and exceed the speed limit, usually 80km/h, that will cause another fine of minimum QR500. No demerit point though. And they will add a further QR100 for every 10km/h extra.

Double, triple and hudreds of thoughts before you (I) ramp the car on yellow lights or even the green light that has been there for sometime. Basically don't speed at traffic light.

And they have cameras that will get your candid picture in the act. And the new ones do not have flash (so what?) even and stil get good pictures at night (aperture baik punya ni).

I must say with all the new gadgets and laws they put for Qtar, traffic has somewhat reduce the madness on the road. Five years ago, road was hell except there were less cars.

But still you can see crazy drivers. And sometimes you see ruined car by the roadside crumpled with high possibility of death.

The downside is though, the law is stricter to the expats. Many locals may get away with it especially those with connections in their family name. Same old same old.

Self reminder especially to those who are not earning an income but depending on lover for the car instalment, car's fuel, car's maintenance and car washing services. Fine like this may come out of your own pocket. Cough! Cough!

I nearly run over the yellow light just now. Phew!

No play play ah you.


Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

awat private kan? Post terlalu sensitip?

Tapi denda teruk macamana pun, still diorang kat sana drive 2fast2furious.

Lollies said...

well the blog might be a bit sensitive to some people apparently. setakat post ni taklah sensitive mana pun. tapi i ada public blog. hahahhaha so vain

Lollies said...

tulah even with the laws pun camni.imagine 5 tahun dulu, lagi teruk. and kalau you kata qatar is worse saudi lagi teruk. teruk jiddan. egypt pun

mosh said...

baru nak tanya jugak apasal bagi prebet blog. Takde dah alerts huhu.

Funny that I've been a silent reader for quite some time. Lama dah tak tinggal komen kat sini ehehe.

err now that this blog has gone private, takyah word verification kot kat bawah tu.

famyGirl said...

ohhh memang private lah from now on? will there be double posts on both blogs?

errr... seperti pakcik mosh, saya juga sometimes silent reader sbb i don't get much 'leisure' time nowadays so sometimes tak tertinggal comments pon. but rest assured, you are always on my mind and more importantly, in my thoughts :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

ooh betullah diprivatekan. I thought something wrong with your url tadi ahahha.

zan said...

i pun tanya, ada org stalk you ker yg sampai kena buat private?

how i wish m'sian law is more strict so that we can reduce accidents. everyday kat sini ada jer fatal accidents and children become orphan.

Anonymous said...

soalan2, since it's being privatised, will it still be updated on google reader eh? hmmm.

i always read the updates thru g.reader ha ha. pemalas kan!!!


Anonymous said...

sini baru nak propose saman ke rm1k pun dah tak jadi.. komplen tak mampu, tindas orang susah, politician susah nak menang election..

berani buat berani tanggung daa

Lollies said...

mosh - wehei timakacih sound pasal word verification tu sebab on the owner side i tak nampak word verification tu so terlupa pulak ianya ada di situ.

famy - there will be double posts most of the time unless some vents that would involve people in qtar. hahahahha

wehei friends its ok if u r a silent reader. makcik tak marah pun. i just feel like privatising with lots of thoughts bcos of perkara berbangkit di kawasan sekeliling saya.

roti2 - harapnya bukan problem. but can always visit lolliespops from now on. :D

Lollies said...

zan - ada juga. ataupun bunga2 stalk tu sudah kelihatan. :(

nonah - he he. can read from the pops if you like.

aj - pergh akucakap dgn ko, kalau aku kena saman QR6000 tu nangis tau. :((

elisataufik said...

QR6000 tu... fuh.. boleh makan berbulan bulan.
Kalau I pun, nangis.