Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haziq's First Single Debut

Haziq is on his way to Dubai now. Alone. And alone means he is not with us, his loving family.

He is with his schoolmates and some teachers.

Haziq was selected to represent the school for the subject of science for the W0rld Sch0lar's Cup Middle East tournament event held in Dubai over the weekend. He will be in the junior team. Doing from what I understood, debate (hah! biar betoi), argumentative writings, quiz game and some multiple choice quiz.

He had to read up some stuffs which I helped a bit but left most of it to him. It's generally about how people come up with theories in science and later became a worldwide agreed theory like today the world is flat, and one day a stronger argument came up and say the world is actually a sphere.

generalDo you know that leornado Da Vinci's theory on baby was that the sperm was actually a dwarf man which will grow just like a tree grows in the woman's womb? Anyway I didn't learn that from what Haziq is suppose to read. I learned it when we are going through the hadith Man's development and his destiney,the fourth hadith of Imam nawawi's collection of hadith. In the hadith we discussed, we stressed mostly on Allah is Al Khaliq. tawhid! Tawhid! tawhid! besides telling that the stages of a human creation are in the quran even before any philosopher came up with any theory.

Anyway, basically haziq is suppose to look through the art and the science on how world accepts a particular science theory. Lebih kurang gitulah. But then he is in the junior team, so most likely he won't be doing much debating and such. i don't know. We'll wait for his story.

Anyway, I reminded him many times about solah and to take great care of it. (ya tau tau, that's what I said to my parents dulu) It is a test of conformity when you are around friends who viewed this as not as important. Take care of himself. Surround yourself with people you know and not to go astray. Hmm definitely not the time for me to tell him how I scoured the whole pertama complex (it was happening then) alone at the age of 11.

Anyway, I hope this trip will be beneficial for him. And that learning deeper will make him become closer to Allah.

I ask Allah that he will become the leaders of the muttaqun.

Anyway here is a summary of some of the topics for the cup. haziq will only be doing science. HERE.

A clip of W0rld Sch0lar's Cup Finals last year held in Singapore.


My other two children are very quiet today. Sya mostly. She was caught crying. She said she really misses her abang. :)


masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik Haziq! Insyallah he'll be fine - leave him in the care of Allah for nothing in His care is ever lost (doesn't that sound familiar? :-D). Still as a mum, I would imagine being worried even if my baby's in his twenties or thirties!

Zainudin said...

Syabas Haziq,Atok bangga.Bebudak tu rindukan abang dia.Haziq dah ikut jejak ibu dia,dah masuk debate,lebih kurang begitulah.

أم الليث said...

Hehehe cute je Sya nih. :p kat rumah gaduh2..bila takde, rindu! hehehe

hey i heard on the radio today that they said religion is extinct because science explains everything and psychology and technology can ease our troubles. I guffawed. Lawak giler!! sangat bodoh sombong.

science is merely an explanation of sunnatullah. just because something is explained doesn't negate that it was created kan. amende la org2 itu.

hope haziq will become one of the ulama' amilin (muslim scholars who are professionals/academics)

Lollies said...

diana - :) ingat sesangat. adus boleh menitis air mata.

i called and he said the questions are hard. heh heh heh. but otherwise he is alright. Alhamdulillah.

ayah - ibu dia sekarang champion berleter aje.

aliya - ameen to your dua'. that is my prayer for all my children too. precisely kalau follow science dengan orang yang tak ada religion suddenly dia rasa theory dia tu dah cukup bagus. lupakah all the theories tu siapa yg create in the first place. I see this as a bigger responsibility for me. May Allah make it easy for all of us.

famygirl said...

*thumbs up to Haziq n Ibu* :)

Ibu takde separation anxiety ke?

Lollies said...

ibu dia macho. :P