Monday, January 10, 2011

Domestic Flight


We took one domestic flight in Iran via Iran Air, from Tabriz all the way to Esfahan.

So naturally I am having a bit of jitters when I heard the news of Iran Air crashing near the Orumiyeh City. Orumiyeh is to the west of the big lake (Lake Orumiyeh)at the North west of Iran, in the Azerbaijan province. Near what I marked as Tabriz.

My heartfelt condolence goes to Iran especially to the family of the victims. May Allah have mercy on their souls.

It made me think. You know when I was there very eager to play the real deal fresh snow, everyone said, this year was different. Too little snow. Not much snow. Qadr Allah. We were not disappointed though. Any snow is good enough.

Picture is the winding road along the mountains. Picture taken when in the car.

But as we drove up on the winding road climbing slowly up the mountain for hours, I asked our driver, "If it snows heavily, would this be dangerous?" and he replied, "Very!" And I believed him.

And the air crash currently are blaming the sanction on Iran and the very bad weather. Iran snowed heavily after we left. the tell tale was there on our last day in tehran. It snowed heavily such that the rescuers could not get to the crash site quickly enough increasing the number of death.

Praises are to Allah that He had kept us safe throughout this journey.

Taking the domestic flight though, had allowed us to get among the best view of the mountainous scape of the Northern Iran. I am limited to small camera. But trust me, it is definitely a Subhanallah moment! We cannot stop gawking at them.


papabear said...

Persia must have been a really beautiful country once upon a time... now we can only see it based on imaginations and creativity only...

Anonymous said...

looking at the wings, must be one old airplane. jarang dah jumpa ones with big wing mounts macam tu.