Sunday, January 09, 2011

Drinking tea in Iran

Tea is the way to drink in Iran. We drink tea in the morning, afternoon, for tea and dinner and in between.

I read that there is Iranian coffee something like Turkish coffee they said, but never found it in any shop. When I ordered coffee, my driver said, "This is Iran. We drink tea,". tea hea hea.

There are infact tea houses in Iran. Just like our kopitiam. So I suppose no one makes the coffee-shop joke in Iran.

Do you know that Iran plants tea? On our way north to the Caspian sea, tea is planted at every corner of someone's house. It's either paddy or tea or both.

I find the tea a bit bitter. I had to put 3-4 sugar cube to sweeten it. And also I was worried about sembelit, looking at the colour of the tea, I diluted it.

Until I found the right way to drink it. You are suppose to put the sugar cube in between your front teeth and sip the hot tea through it. The sugar cube is not like the gula batu, hard and rocky, rather it is sugar being compacted.

So as you sip your tea, the sugar would dilute with it. If you can time yourself well enough, you just need one sugar cube for the whole cup.

And after that, I find myself liking the drink.


TheVeryEry said...

i love tea, but without/very little sugar.

tapi kalau yg pekat mcm ni susah jgk nk telan without sugar kan. teahihi


Darth Trust said...

tak sembelit ke minum teh banyak-banyak tu.

BabyBooned said...

gosh, i didnt think of putting the cube in btwn the front teeth. super-smart if u asked me.

alamak your food entries are making me hungry now. at midnight pulak tu!

zan said...

sgt pekat, gerenti i dpt heart it decaf? heheh..

MULAN said...

takut tertelan sugar cube tu dulu... pekat betol tu.. tapi nak nya try... love tea & coffee..!!

Lollies said...

ery - tulah. agak pekat kalau tak ada sugar. unless you don't mind it bitter. kalau chinese tea ok lagi

hansac - tu lah yg i risau tu. i think by the end err ada slow sikit. ahahahhahaha. tapi i dont know its the tea or what bbut i am feeling berangin satu badan for now. maybe i dont cut for tea lah.

baby booned - lover thinks i am crazy. well saja aje nak try cara dia. he he

Lollies said...

zan - eh decaf cause that ke? i think tak decaf lah. decaf ni minuman omputeh aje.

mulan - you know after too much tea i kept asking ada coffee ke tak. ada jugak yang ada tapi intant coffee lah. instant pun instantlah