Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half of the Exam Done

I just finished my arabic exam today. And I find it H A R D. Subhanallah I had been crunching the difficult i'rab looking at all the present tense rules and the past tense rules, at different cases when verb comes first or noun comes first. So I sort of overlooked the really easy ones especially the one that I don't think will come out (because it has never been stress and also it is not purely i'rab). What do you know? The easy ones came out in total of six questions! I got all of them wrong. And to add to it are questions that I do not know at all.

I was frustrated of course. Qadr Allah.

I still love learning the language even though it is getting a toll on me and a test on steadfastness indeed.

What is done is done. Few more exams to come. And this one I reckon will be quite tough too. It is memorisation from the Juz Amma. The test format would be like the usual memorisation test that is to randomly mention a verse out of the surahs in juz Amma, and for you to continue it.

It is easier if they just tell you to recite a particular surah from the beginning, but to continue from a random ayat is another challenge altogeher. What more to a rusty brain like mine.

Why just the other day, I was asked to continue reciting from a random verse in surah al a'la, and I found myself going everywhere reciting verses from other surahs instead.

Allah Musta'an.

Regardless of all those, I ask Allah that he brings me good knowledge that is of benefit, a good provision and deeds that will be accepted.


I am putting here a clip that i received ages ago.

The following is a clip of a brother who is mentally challenged and is even not able to put his shirt back if he takes it off, but look and listen how he is able to continue any words that he hears from the Quran!

They ask him about the name of the surah and number of the surah and how many of this statement is mentioned in the Quran, and they gave him among the hardest verses to recall and remember since there are several ones in the Quran and one might get confused between them.

It is amazing how he is not able to answer the questions he is asked properly but the minute he hears a verse or a part of a verse as if you hit the play button in his mind and he starts reciting.

Subhanallah! May Allah preserve him.

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