Monday, May 02, 2011

Sya is Ten

syaSya turned ten when we were in Madinah. Masya Allah! She is really ten? Soon soon very soon I will have a teenage girl in the house. Wonder what will that be like?

Where shall I start. OK first of all, I was worried about Sya's weight (to add to my own's eh?). She loves eating and she always has baby fat ever since she is baby (LOL). But last year she has been gaining weight and I was not very happy with it. It is too bad that we live in an inactive life here. There is not much sports here even at school. It is laughable compared to what you guys have in Malaysia. School life is not as hectic as in Malaysia. She doesn't have to rush much for school and can take time to eat and snack.

People have been commenting about her weight gain. It hurts me when people say that, just as much as it hurts me when people comment about my weight. Yang paling benci, are those who comment about her weight, and when i am being particular about the amount of food she eats or the type, they would say, "Alaa budak-budak, biarlah apa dia nak makan." Obese children start from weight gain right?

Anyway I controlled her ration and her snack. I made lots of reminders and sometimes force her to run. She took up a liking on rollerblades and she is quite good on it, Masya Allah. I made healthier school food too (as much as i can). Very rarely they take sausages and nuggets now. I try to grill most of the food. Even ayam masak merah, I broil the chicken first. We try to take raw veges now. Maybe I'll blog about food in another post eh?

Alhamdulillah, the weight has gone down now and the perut looking much flatter, Masya Allah. And of course we have to be realistic, Sya is not the paper thin type. She will probably be a bit chubby, but she has improved and that is what matter most. We'll work on being healthy Insya Allah.

Sya likes to make us fruit juice. Whenever we have fruits, she would cut up the fruits in small chunks and make fruit juice. So now she has to learn to clean up properly. Kadang-kadang melekit satu dapur. I think she enjoys having Jack watching her doing kitchen work. Rancangan memasak ke cik kak?

Her daily chore is cleaning up the table. Kena paksa. And her work is clean and neat. Masya Allah! Dah 10 tahun ni boleh kasi tambah daily chore nampaknya. her room is still a mess though.

Maths is not her favourite subject. This is a bit disheartening. If you are the kind who find maths easy, you will find this mind boggling indeed. Insya Allah I am taking it easy. But I suppose it is the environment that allows me to be relax. The school system here do not label weak in maths as a failure.

Having said that, I am devising ways to spend time on her maths. Allah Musta'an.

She likes writing though. I may not like her style but I think it can develop Insya Allah. The teacher seems to like it though.

She also likes to sew and make crafts. Which I don't like because I always find crafts a mess. She is now into making dolls and making the dresses. It looks rough and crude still. The thing is she doesn't know how to place her things properly. It drives me crazy. I suppose I have no patience for this. But I do recognise it is something good to develop. I do not know how to guide her. Any advice? Maybe I'll enroll her in something.

purple doll purple back doll blue doll
Looks scary still. But I think it is cute. And I have no idea where she gets the idea from.

Sya is still the only one who talks freely about love. Will write down that she loves me. Will make cards for me. Abang dengan adik dia menumpang aje sign. Will leave me notes. Will tell me she loves me in french. Je t'aime ma mère

Some say I am too hard on her.

I think I am.

I am so afraid she will grow up like me, but yet I am moulding her to be me. Maybe I should read up something about girls. I have been surrounded with boys and am raising boys all the time that I find raising girls a slightly strange territory. She on the other hand must have been quite a rebel because she doesn't seem to want to turn into tomboy or that sort. Naudzuillah.

I love Syama a lot. And does her dad and her brothers.

I pray she grows up righteous and continuously be the comfort of our eyes.

Sya is nine
Sya is eight
Sya is seven
Sya is six
Sya is five
Sya is four


Peri PiA said...

happy b'day sya..May ALLAH BLESS u..Amin

dag besha dah dia

Nefertiti said...

I love the way you write about your children. They are good..wait! exceptional kids, masyaAllah tabarakallah!

This blog is a true testimonial of a mother's unconditional love..I pray that blogspot won't die anytime soon, and they get to read this in their adult lives.

butterflutter said...

Happy Birthday Sha. Semoga dilindungi dan diberkati Allah selalu.

Kita ni terbalik, I have 2 girls and *sigh kadang2 nak pengsan melayan both of them. Both my girls kurussss...kudut...the opposite of me and my dear I risau sangat Hannah tak larat nak angkat beg when she starts school next year.

On the crafts, if ada classes then send her to one. If not get a craft book. Internet pun ada, if i found any I let you know.

Lollies said...

ruby - sekejap aje kan? Look at her when she is four. he he sungguh kecil

nef - Subhanallah! It has been a long time since i hear from you. This is very pleasant indeed. Where have you been? What are you up to?

Thank you for your confidence in the children. I need help all the time. Somehow blogging helps me to narrow down what I should do. Not to mention tips and advice from others. It's becoming rare now because people don't seem to blog that much. Insya Allah khayr.

BF - ameen.part craft craft ni I wish I am in Malaysia. There are just so many avenues to go. Please do tell ya. I ni betul betul keras tangan. Tak ada langsung Keraf tangan

Darth Trust said...

"I am so afraid she will grow up like me"


OO said...

Dear Lollies..MasyaAllah. what a lovely girl you have there. Dah besar! it could be me yang dah lama 'hilang' from blogging world.
Anak2 cepat besar, so do we..dah tua :p

My eldest pun dah 13!!! When I look at her now, I couldn't believe that my baby has grown into a young lady! MasyaAllah, May Allah protect our children..May them be bestowed with iman ya?

This to let you know that insyaAllah, I'll be back on blogging track..hehehehe

and talking about losing on that track also..huhuhu...

MULAN said...

happy birthday darling princess... tapi kalo kids ni kurus2 sangat, tak cute la.. chubby2 sikit baru cute... pastu boleh picit2 pipi dia.. sya OK apa..

Lollies said...

hansac - :(

but this is in no way the fault of those who raise me but rather on the path that I chose

OO - err rasa muda lagi boleh ke? tee he he. my eldest will be 13 this july. eh dia orang sebaya eh?

betul ke nni back to blogging?

mulan - hahahaha. dah lama pulak i tak picit picit pipi dia

OO said...

Haziq shall be 13 eh? sama cam Fathini lah..hehehe...

you dah mention part muda tu kan, meh nak citer...last january during registration day for the new students (form 1), I was the MC for the majlis then I mention, my daughter pun ada sama register ...after that one parent came and told me "saya ingatkan cikgu tak kawen lagi!" hehehe (masuk bakul jap. boleh kan?)

p/s: agaknya she thot I ni andalusia...hehehehe..

zan said...

Happy birthday Sya!! i like her crafts work, i came across a few boys suka buat paper robot, comel sangat! Maybe Sya is going tru a growth spurt and later she will shed her weight, jgn risau sgt...but eating healthy should be the right way which i fail miserably :(

verignac said...

kejap je dah 10 years old kan....happy birthday Sya :D