Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meeting the Parents

We had parents-teacher's day at the K@Fa we are doing here. This was the follow up after the mid term exam we had last week.

Subhanallah i never did know the amount of work that needs to be put in the whole affair. To write the exam paper. To reconcile with other teacher who is also teaching the boys of the same level.

Oh by the way, we have separated the boys and the girls for each level except for the youngest ones. And only female teachers teach the girls and the men with the boys. And I enjoy it very much. Finally I can hear the girl's voice! They have been too quiet all these while. maybe drowned in the rowdy boys' voice or mainly too shy to speak. After we separated them, they can finally give answers or talk girls' things with me.

That reminds me, we were in the subject of seerah and I was leading them to the story of the marriage between prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam and Khadijah. How Khadijah was impress with prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam good manner, trustworthiness and kindness. And the girls were oohhhing and ahhing. Amboi cerita pasal kahwin terus suka. And they started telling me what kind of man they would like. "I like handsome man", said one girl. Amboi!

Wokey, anyway, I was saying, we had teacher's parents day. So I finally get to know the parents. So many came! Masya Allah! Even though many came, but the ones that i want to see most did not come. Qadr Allah. My heart was swelling with happiness for those who came.

I have never talked almost non stop for more than four hours! And that also because I think I was too passionate in talking to the parents and sharing K@FA's aspirations and my own personal aspiration for the children and the parents, I took my time talking to them. Kesian parents kena beratur tunggu giliran.

I met a few parents who shared with them their aspirations too. Allahumma Bareek. And among them there is one lady who said for a year she was worried about her children's deen and spent her time teaching them herself. When finally she heard of K@FA, she quickly enrolled her children. Masya Allah! I was surprised because, her daughter is really very clever and seem to be at ease in learning the deen. She did a good job! She definitely must never stop teaching the children! *LOVES*

And also, since I am teaching the younger groups (age : 5-8), I find may parents who are concern that their children are naughty in class. And dengann sifat kemelayuan, many parents would say, "marahkan aje anak saya. jangan takut-takut." and "Tell me if he is naughty." I lover tau. mana ada marah-marah ni. LOL.

I learned tremendous seeing other more expert teachers handling this day and things in general. I learned more about parents. *EXCITED*

I went back tired and famish. But I felt happy to the point of crying. Mungkin makcik sedikit kememeh minggu ini.

I pray that all these children will grow up righteous and become the leaders among the muttaqun.

Now now now I have to concentrate on my own exam coming up this Wednesday. Exam yang ni tak ada parents teachers day.


Nefertiti said...

Somehow this post brought tears to my eyes..

Subhanallah, isn't it wonderful to be among those who are constantly seeking Allah's love?

Anonymous said...

Well done to all Kafa teachers. Semua volunteers tu. My husband pun cakap ramai yang datang. All my kid's seerah was their lowest, mostly because I sendiri pun jarang narrate them the stories, mostly lack of knowledge from my end. I guess I sendiri pun kena banyak baca and spend the time with them, inshaAllah.

Eh, cepat exam? Kitorang punya not until Jun, tu pun satu subjek aje..

liza hizan said...

Hi Lollies!! How r u?? Lama x drop by hehe.. in case u dah x ingt i ni sapa, ini Leez fr tucingbuncitsays hehe... So now it's liza at ... Do drop by if u have time! :)

liza hizan said...

btw i love this post... thanks for writing this!!

masdiana said...

dgn rendah dirinya saya mengaku jeles dgn KAFA Doha - insyaAllah a good kind of jeles that'll make me (us) wants to do more - tp byk jugak penghalangnya. kemalasan diri sendiri antara yg utama. hukhukhuk...

Lollies said...

nef - It is such ni'mah. Praises all go to Allah. Huuuuggsggsss nef

leez - ohhhhhh ingat ingat. Waah dah kahwin. :D

diana - Alhamdulillah. May good competition like this make us even better in Allah's way. Jangan lupa jugak K@fa doha has gone a long way. Dari tahun 2006 dah ada. Rushdan's work. And then some teachers went ahead to find classes and teachers. And now we have a new guru besar yg banyak ideanya Masya Allah. A lot more to do also. Alhamdulillah

OO said...

kalau k@fa maknanya for malaysian family lah ya?
Alhamdulillah...I know the feeling, syukur banyak2 pada Allah memberi peluang to get involve.