Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Culinary Skills

goddessOn jack's last day of school, he was asked to bring either real food or junk food or beverages to share with his friends. Zachary is somewhat like me, who likes to think beforehand what others would bring and thus not to bring the same.

So rather than make things easy for his mother by picking cake or donut or crisps and the likes that I can easily buy, he chose his favourite food that he was very sure to be a hit among students. Something his mother cooks very well.

Proudly he told his teacher he will bring Indomie Mee goreng!

This is an insult to my (diminishing) culinary skills!

I brought spaghetti instead.


1bloghopper said...

kids are honest lot. they don't lie, hihihihi. :D

Peri PiA said...


kak lollies adoi,pavlova tu terliur

zan said...

har har har....awat tak bawak pavlova tu? sure cikgu cikgi yg sibuk makan n tapau! btw, it's gorges ;)

Darth Trust said...

hahahah bukan senang nak masak indomie tu. It has two stages of cooking. rebus, tus, gaul perencah.

Lollies said...

1bloghopper - to honest sometimes eh?

ruby - nah rasa sikit pavlova.

zan - i told him perhaps you want pavlova. he said there are too many sweet things already. but there is no (instant) noodles

hansac - actually tau. and timing rendam kena betul. kalau tak lembik. pastu kena pandai extract kicap and the perencah. memang culinary skills soma tu