Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Demo Masak-Memasak

Sometime before the exam, my tajweed approached me and asked, "Can you cook fried rice." I answered an affirmative yes. "Can you give me the recipe?" she asked. I answered, "Sure. I can give you now." She said, on the next class Insya Allah.

We departed, but then she turned around and asked, "Better still. can you show it to me?"

"You mean, cook it in front of you?"
"Yes please."
"Insya Allah after the exam"

So today was the day. All the nine of us in the class gathered in my teacher's kitchen, each cooking up something.
One Indonesian cooked mee goreng (mee kuning yang dia buat sendiri)
The other indonesian folded murtabak and fried it there.
Another Malaysian cooked up the fillings for popia and roll it up and spring it after frying it.
My British friend made cupcake. Which was a cheat. Cupcake is a universal food I told her. She must do Shepherd's pie and the likes. But she was excused because her cupcake was delicious. Not sweet and has soft glitters fairy like.
My Pakistani friend cooked up Briyani. I didn't know that it was that easy.
My indian friend made baked chicken Kurma.
My libyan teacher made Libyan salad. The Libyans, according to her, eat loads of chilies. So her salad has chilies and also cheese. What a combination : fried brinjal, tomato, olives, cheese and chilies. Entah-entah dia makan steak pun dengan chilly macam ada sesetengah orang tu.
Yours truly fried up fried ricelah. Apa lagi? An easy peasy cuisine that most of you make for breakfast because you had leftover rice, they thought was so hard to do. My teacher diligently copied everything i made. But I did tell her, in Asian cooking things are "agak-agak and campak-campak".

I enjoyed my time today. First of all this is not something often that we do. We don't gather every week for a morning coffee which I get tremendously restless if there are invites even if it is every week. But Alhamdulillah I don't get invited that much anymore even though, thanks to FB, I do know that morning coffee activities are still going on. LOL!

The other thing is we shared common interest and common goal - the deen and to improve our quran recitation and understanding. The thing that made us envy another is because her recitation has improved, Allahuma Bareek, and that we must catch up. But the envy made us love each other more and we are happy for each other. And when we spend time together, the conversation tend to revolve on our lessons and future undertakings. When we do talk about someone, we are careful that the conversation does not lead to gheebah. We are always cautious.

And I love that. I get tired going to places when there was so much talk and I go home forgetting my verses. The thing is, it is not even the others, it is me who talk too much.

Alhamdulillah for such beautiful companionship.

Anyway cerita pasal masak-masak and agak-agak, check out this video of Gordon ramsay's Great Escape in Malaysia. As vibrant as he is, I like to think I am more of nigella lawson kind of person. And nigella lawson does not swear.

Gordon Ramsay in Malaysia from Joseph Teo on Vimeo.

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