Sunday, July 31, 2011

Challenge Yourself

I think if we have never challenge ourself (in terms of ibadah) perhaps Ramadhan is the time to start doing it.

If we have been praying exactly like how we prayed when we last left school, surely we can challenge ourself to improve it. Memorise new surah perhaps? I can never tell you how beautiful it is to be able to add more surah into our databank.

If we have never read any of the morning Adzkar, we can slowly start doing so. At least we can start by reciting the three quls three times and ayatul kursi in the morning and also after asr.

If we have never done the sunnah prayers associated to fard prayers, let's start by doing one by one now. My recommendation is the two rakaat before fajr prayer.

If we have never finish the quran in ramadhan, why not this year? A doable tip is read two pages before solat and another two pages after solat, Insya Allah.

If we have never given charity, why not be generous this time round. If you already are, Masya Allah good for you, may Allah bless you and your rizq. Prophet Mohammad sallahu alaihi wasalam was most generous this month.

If you never wake up in the later night to be in privacy with Allah, indeed this is the best time to start. Allah wants to give you what you need. Allah wants to boast your names in front of the angels. Allah's mercy is in abundance. It's the time of the year when discounts of ajr is everywhere for grabs.

You can choose which ibadah you want or better still pick them all. But also, Allah loves small act of worship but done consistently. Build yourself. Start little, aim big and be consistent.

Show Allah that you are the best of His slave. That you are worthy to be in his jannah. Do something outrageous this year. Something different. Something that makes your ramadhan this year stands out compare to the previous.

Surely we can! Allahu Akbar!

And the least you can do is fight the nafs that go against the ibadah of Ramadhan.

Of course "you" in the paragraphs above really meant "I" as in me.

Do you have any outrageous good deed that you want to challenge yourself this year?


Dills said...

Naik semangat i bila baca... :) Berkobar kobar terus.

Lollies said...

Ambik pom pom dan sorakkan untuk dilla!

May Allah make it easy on us. Ameen.