Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Joy of Fasting

We have been busy fussing around Jack that he will be making full day fasting this year Insya Allah. He did fast last year but mostly for half days. So this year we will busy around him to encourage him to make many full ones, Insya Allah.

It is relatively easy for him even though the temperature soars up to 50C this time of the year. Mostly because it is summer school break, so he doesn't have to endure the heat, the compulsary PE and the tiredness. We rarely go out because shops are close most of the time anyway. So he stays at home in the air condition.

He woke up fairly easy for sohoor. Got piggied back by lover to the kitchen. Grinning all the way. Went to the masjid for fajr prayer and got drowsy and shoot to sleep immediately when he got home. Fajr is at 337 here.

Later part of the morning he fool around on the treadmill. Jangan komplen haus tau.

Later in the evening I asked, are you tired. he replied no, but I am hungry. One and a half hour more Jack.

When I start cooking he kept coming to the kitchen and said, "Oh why you have to cook delicious food." Aik baru tumis aje dah tau delicious? LOL

Fifteen minutes to iftar, I routinely get everyone in the household to wind down and make du'a. Any du'a that you wish to ask Allah for. But Jack was also busy eyeing at the time. The moment to clock hits the time, he raaaann to the kitchen but err the adzan is not heard yet. But he managed a date in his mouth already. haziq, of course, the mutawwa in the house reprimanded him and told him not the time yet. He took the date out. Kesian.

Adzan came on moments later.

The one who fasts has two joys: the joy of breaking his fast and, when he meets his Lord, the joy of having fasted.” (Reported by Muslim, 2/807)

The clearest joy of the day must be Jack's. tee he he.

May Allah make him among the muttaqun.

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BabyBooned said...

salam kak lollies, its been ages since i visited your blog. tak tau lah kenapa, mayb its the extreme hormones (i'm currently 9 months pregnant Alhamdulillah) tapi every entry that i've read today brings tears to my eyes pulak. memang extreme betol, kan.

i admire your spirits and the way ure bringing up your boys. nak train budak puasa bukannya senang. i dont even have any clue on how to start with our nearly-5-yr-old gibran. this year i am not fasting (am very frustrated about this, beyond words) due to gastric problems aggravated by the pregnancy. ingatkan nak start train si kenit puasa setengah hari, tapi bile dia tengok mak dia makan, dia pun merengek. insyaallah hopefully bila i ganti puasa nanti mayb can ajak him puasa sikit sikit. hopefully!

hope the Ramadhan has been good to you and your family :)