Thursday, August 04, 2011

Precious Hours

I have been reading status on so many got stuck in terrible traffic going home from work in Malaysia (mostly in KL I reckon). Make full use of the precious hours nearing breaking fast time. You can definitely do the followings (not limited though) while you enjoy the traffic

1. evening adzkar (plural for dzikir)
- which would involve reading 3 quls 3 times and reciting ayatul kursi
- subhanallahhi wa bihamdih 100 x
- astaghfirullah 100x

and other du'a in the sunnah books. Perhaps you can make a mission to memorise one each day?

2. Have a quran CD with you. For those with iphone, ipod and the likes, this is the time to make full use of gadget. Put up the Iquranpro and blast on the quran.

Perhaps this is the month you would like to add new surahs in the memory bank.

3. Listen to Islamic lectures. Load them up in your mp3 players. Plenty of mp3s and podcasts around the net. Load them up Insya Allah.

Barulah our gadgets betul-betul work for us rather than against us.

I personally would not go for radio even how islamic the radio is unless there is a lecture going on. I just think nasheed is not apt for those precious moments af du'a being most accepted.

Listening to music during those times? Reflect and contemplate whether this is appropriate when Allah wants to accept our du'a and we have the music on.

4. Make loads of du'a. Have a list of du'a and organise your du'a. Remember that first of all the supplication of those who are fasting is always accepted. And even more when the breaking fast time is approaching.


If Allah wills that you spend these precious moments in Allah's remembrance, you could perhaps refrain from swearing and stress on the road. And imagine this, if you spend your time in Allah's remembrance, you are actually making your difficult times work FOR you rather than another wasted stress hour.

Why waste time watching people in other cars?

Lastly drive safely and make sure you have fuel in your tank lest your car got stalled in the middle of traffic incurring curses by other road patrons. To the other road patrons, sabar. Make du'a and ask Allah that the person will be relieved from his difficulties.

And if you are making du'a please brothers and sisters have me and my family in your du'a and that all of us are steadfast in this religion. Don't forget to make supplication for the ummah as well.


Mc Ani said...

Alhamdulillah and syukran for this post.

I was thinking about the same thing yesterday while we were stucked in the traffic jam..sayang rasanya nak guna waktu tu untuk dengar music but I am gadgetless..even CD player in our car rosak belum pi betulkan lagi..

few days back I was looking through the pages of Indahnya Amalan Doa..I said to myself there are lots of doa that we should hafaz, rasanya macam it is very unlikely nak hafaz semua.

we always claim tak ada masa walhal kita tak sedar masa banyak sebenarnya buleh kita "curi"..

sikit-sikit dulu, janji istiqomah..

thanks Lollies


verignac said...

love your tips..jazak Allah khair dear..

azGROWLen said...

Lolls you are an inspiration to me; honestly! not coming back to Malaysia for ramadan and Id?

Lollies said...

OO - start little aim big. or even if we cannot memorise it we can make du'a in malay. that comes from our heart. If we have a list of du'a in our hands we can start dividing teh du'a/ Continue to make dzikir and so forth. Insya Allah. may Allah make it easy for us ek?

fasha - wa iyakki dear. may it be beneficial

encik azgrowlen - Jazakallah to you. Balik Insya Allah 12hb ni. wee heee

azGROWLen said...

makan makan as usual?

Anonymous said...

second last para tu kena address specifically to mosh heheh

butterflutter said...

Thank you Lollies. You made me think of rainy days in a different perspective.
Hari tu masa hujan Sarah siap kata 'Mesti banyak doa dimakbulkan' (forget the actual word she said).

Lollies said...

azen - boleh Insya Allah. :D

jo - memang di tujukan untuk mosh pun. LOL

bf - Masya Allah to her. This is part of teaching aqeedah. believening that you ask Allah for everything. believing even when you cannot see. May she grow up righteous

Anonymous said...

Assalam, Lollies. Lama tak visit your blog. It takes about one hour to reach my work place. I can finish listening to Ma'thurat sughra by the time I arrive at work. Murah je CD kat Malaysia ni.
Yg risau, bila hujan, org bawak laju and cause accidents. Dah banyak kali nampak accidents on the road this Ramadhan.