Saturday, December 17, 2011

Decision Decision Decision

Haziq is in Year 9 over here. That is like Form 3 in Malaysia. But I suspect Malaysia has higher standard in the academic subjects they offer though.

Anyway one has to perform consistently well in order to do good subjects. In fact one should do well in the maths to allow them to take their IGCSE maths (Equivalent to Modern Maths) in year 10. Thus by year 11 (Form 5) they can take AS Maths (Equivalent to Additional Maths).

The school are already eyeing the students and have divided the students up by this time. So if one is not consistent at this early stage, most likely they cannot expedite their IGCSE maths which simply means even if they score well when they do their IGCSE, they still do not have Additional maths in their exam result. No wonder why I hear some of the teenagers complaining that Maths is so hard when they start pursuing their A Level or college in Malaysia.

Also this time of the year, the teachers are asking us to start choosing subjects that the child chose to pursue for their final IGCSE so they can arrange the teachers accordingly by year 10.

The obligatory ones are English. If their english is good, they will be doing english as first language exam which would include literature and apa entah lagi. Maths is compulsory too. And so is biology and physics.

Now they need to choose four more subjects from what they have given. Either
Chemistry - Haziq enjoys this subject

Geography - he is ok ok

History - he doesnt like it

french - Subhanallah. haziq enjoys french so much. I think he has flair in language subject. Allahuma Bareek. But since we are limited with only four subjects, we don't know whether it is worth to take this up.

Accounting - I think it will be beneficial.

Business study - I think it will be benficial

ICT - he is ok but from the syllabus, I don't know what's the use of this. Haziq lacks in creativity and such. Kalau programming perhaps he'd like it.

Unfortunately they do not offer arabic as second language which is a shame. because Haziq does enjoy his Arabic lessons. And worse since there is no IGCSE Arabic, Haziq won't be studying Arabic at all after this. That's a shame.

There are other subjects but since Haziq is not interested in it at all, I am not mentioning them.

So most likely he will be choosing chemistry, accounting, business study and geography. And perhaps putting fifth choice as french or ICT. The thing is, he said, he is not so sure about geography. He likes the subject but it's probably a subject he won't be able to score well. He is more confident in his french. So by that merit, French should be chosen. But by the sound of it perhaps geography and ICT has better merit for further study entrance.

Decision decision decision.

And who do we turn to for guidance?

O Allah ! I ask guidance from Your knowledge, and Power from Your Might and I ask for Your great blessings. You are capable and I am not. You know and I do not and You know the unseen. O Allah! If You know that this thing is good for my deen and my subsistence and for my Hereafter - (or say, If it is better for my present and later needs) - then ordain it for me and make it easy for me to obtain, and then bless me in it. If You know that this thing is harmful to me in my deen and subsistence and in the Hereafter--(or say, If it is worse for my present and later needs)--then keep it away from me, and keep me away from it. And ordain for me whatever is good for me, and make me satisfied with it


Anonymous said...

Actually ada IGCSE Arabic - as first language and Arabic as second language.


Lollies said...

Only in AKIS dear. Most schools in Doha tak offer arabic as second language. Memanglah ada first language but they only teach it to Arabs.

Actually different schools offer different combination. Cambridge for example tak wajibkan biology. QIS does.

Also different schools take different board papers. So direct comparison within different schools ni is slightly biased.

Lollies said...

unless nak ambik sendiri of course

Anonymous said...

that's what i meant, kalau nak ambik sendiri.....

Lollies said...

for igcse second language arabic to ambik sendiri I rasa tak worth it lah. baik belajar extra arabic to understand the quran then.